Tram Setting to Bursa Traffic

With the T1 tram line, which will start construction in Bursa, there will be new arrangements in the traffic flow on Altıparmak and Stadium Street.
T1 tram line project on the Stadium Street between Ipekiş Junction and Stadium Junction work begins tomorrow. 27 July 2012 and the UKOME decision 402 as a result, the stadium, Altiparmak direction to go to the traffic of the vehicle traffic will be directed to the left temporarily due to work to be done in this region. Stadium Street will process a two-lane landing route, one strip as landing and exit.
T1 tramway works will also arrange for Altiparmak Street. 27 July 2012 and 30 May 2013 will be closed on the Altparmak Avenue, exit the right lane. With the removal of the middle border on the street, the two lanes of the road will be arranged as a strip landing.


Source: News FX

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