Bursa (T1) Tram Line Takes Start

The construction of the tram line planned to be built in the city center of Bursa has started. Mayor Recep Altepe said, ”We will build Bursa on iron nets Çalış.
The construction of the tram project, which is widely discussed in Bursa, started. Making examinations on the tram line, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they will knit Bursa with iron nets and said, “The most important work in this period is transportation with the rail system. We stated at the beginning of the period that especially our Bursa would be knitted with iron nets. The stage we are starting now is the most important stage of the tram line. The construction works of the T1 line, which forms the Garaj- İnönü Caddesi- Heykel- Altıparmak line, are starting. In addition, we are carrying out important works in order to weave our Bursa with iron nets and to reach all points of the city by tram. We will create tram lines in all regions, from the tram lines that will connect Kestel, Gürsu and Beşevler regions with great speed. These studies will develop rapidly. Hopefully, after 2, 2 and a half years, we will see that our Bursa is equipped with these lines. Right now, our goal is to start these in the healthiest way possible. We want to complete it practically without much trouble and without too much ado. We start from Stadium Street, but we will not work from a single point. We race against time. Our goal was to finish this work in 10 months, but we are speeding up our work on finishing it even earlier. At the same time, work will continue on Atatürk Street and Ulu Street. The route named T1 will consist of approximately 6 and a half kilometers and will have 13 stops on it. Vehicles will also use the tramway in the first place, ”he said.

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