Beylikdüzü and Avcılar Metrobus Stops

The Avcılar-Beylikdüzü Metrobüs line was finally completed. But Beylikdüzü Migros Stop and the old bus stop in Avcılar, the turmoil has not ended, even more.
Beylikdüzü Migros Front Even though there is not a stall evening time, the side road is almost closed because they do not enter the stops of the vans and buses in the day, and there is a sound noise, which means that the horn sounds from each vehicle get rid of people as soon as possible. they do not leave the queue to anyone because of the continuous horn and false waiting traffic is paralyzed.
I say what should I see in a car on the main road stopped shopping trolley stopped the passenger in the traffic flowing and the passenger trying to make a trip against the road in the middle of the road to cut himself into the car was considered a risk to death.
Metrobus stop is a curcuna sideways these days, especially in the evening, the region is turning to tangle. It is not possible to exceed the distance of a few hundred meters in 1 hours. Of course, this confusion affects the E-5, and the vehicle tails extend for miles.
So what is the cause of this congestion? Why not one? Metrobus stop is the most important problem on the sideway, no doubt the minibuses Met
Buses waiting for passengers who want to go down to the Metrobust and Esenyurt is going to be two or three rows in the row. Some are trying to approach, some are trying to get out of the ordinary, say the traffic to you! The second one is the bus stops İkinci
There is also a bus stop in the same place, the buses are lined up in the same way, the passenger download is a mess up. On top of a still strip lines to be scratched, everyone's head to hold a road and of course, the traffic teams are not in the middle of the job is a point of great drift.
The worst part of the incident is that the side road is the route of the ambulances. Because just behind the side road, there is the Murat Kölük State Hospital. So one of the ambulances comes and someone comes. And it's not easy for the ambulances to cross this path. Yes ler I know, the traffic is not the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality, but it has made great investments in transportation, the metropolitan ITB, Avcılar metrobus stop in the regulation of traffic on the side road lar If the reports are prepared, the solution to the arena, maybe the waiting area of ​​the minibuses i no not.


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