The people of Balıkesir are being deceived for investment

A press release came from Balıkesir mayor about the railway station. In recent days, in some press organs broadcasting in our city, it has been seen that the news about the Station of the Railway Station has been published in accordance with the facts, after which the Mayor has issued the following press release to clarify the issue:
In recent days, in the local media of our city, news about the Station of the Train Station has been produced for the purpose of providing political rent, which has nothing to do with the facts, only a lost Mayor. It is understood that these reports were produced by those who did not read two separate protocols signed between TCDD and Balıkesir Municipality.
According to the news in the media, “Balıkesir has won a huge project such as Gökköy Logistics Village Project. The land, which is a TCDD property and a market is established today, was brought to Balıkesir with this protocol. This Protocol has great contributions to the development of the city. This Protocol is the most important operation in the history of Balıkesir… ”This kind of discourse in the media continues like this… Well, which one is the protocol in question?
Distinguished Balıkesir;
Two separate protocols were signed between TCDD and Balıkesir Municipality, one of which was dated to 09.05.2005 and the other one was dated to 17.11.2007. When these two protocols are examined, each of them will be amazed at how they can be signed on behalf of Balıkesir Municipality. 09.05.2005 on 1. In Protocol,;
Cak Article 4-4) All the zoning plan changes and parceling procedures required for the vacant areas in the TCDD Facilities land and the Gar Field will be made by the Municipality. The amount corresponding to the Regulatory Partnership Share (DOP) to be deducted from the parceling operations at the site will be covered by the area to be expropriated.
The area designated as. Trade Area yıl will be rented to Balıkesir Municipality by TCDD for 25 year. The income to be obtained from the Trade Area will be divided by the ratio of% 50 between TCDD and MUNICIPALITY. Within the 24 month after the evacuation of the site, the COMMERCIAL CENTER to be made by the Municipality or Sub-Tenant will be opened to operation. With respect to the Trade Area, which will be made in the form of ”Made Rental tır, additional contracts will be signed later.`
Balikesir City Council, 01.06.2006 date and 139 numbered decision in the Development Plan as the TCDD Field Public Space 50.000 m² area, the precedent:% 50, hmax: 9.50 m Trade Area has made the zoning change. After the modification of the reconstruction, 1.Protoculum 4-4. new 2. The protocol is abolished and the new actual situation is as follows: Ticaret Article 4-21) The Municipality cannot claim any rights and benefits on the Trade Zone Zone, which will occur as a result of the Zoning Implementation in Balıkesir Gar Site. All savings authority related to this area is TCDD. Bu
It is understood from this article that in the first protocol, the rights and powers granted to our Municipality have been seen too much, and these rights have been destroyed by the second protocol, and in the name of our Municipality - improvement has been made.
With the words ır Investment is coming alan, the dwellers of Balıkesir are trying to be deceived. However, investing in provinces is the primary duty of central governments. During this period, Bigadiç Junction is carried out by the General Directorate of Highways. Balikesir Municipality, which provides the road to the highway?
A large commercial center with a closed area of ​​50.000 m² is being prepared for the 25.000 m² Commercial Area. This place is right next to the Public Transport Center. When the Trade Center is constructed, how will this affect the market trades (National Forces, Anafartalar, Yeni Çarşı, Hasan Baba Çarşısı trades)? Without thinking about them, using people in a variety of ways to do news, to engage the public with lies, no one will not gain anything. Balikesir is aware of everything. It should be noted that the 40 of the place is already left to the municipalities in the places where the zoning law is opened. Our nation has a lot of clairvoyance and distractions to see the truth. Remember, “The sun is not plastered with mud.




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