Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line is over, but the chaos in Avcılar is not over

The Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line is finally completed, and trial runs with passengers have begun. However, the turmoil and turmoil in Avcılar is not over, or even increased. The Metrobus stop dominates such a cross nowadays, especially in the evening, the region turns into a tangle. It is not possible to exceed a few hundred meters in 1 hour. Of course, this confusion also affects the E-5, vehicle tails are extended for miles. So what is the reason for this jam? Why not one! Metrobus stop is the most important problem on the side road, undoubtedly minibuses. Some are trying to approach, some are trying to get out of the ordinary, when you say traffic is life! A second problem is bus stops.
There is also a bus stop at the same place, the buses are lined up in the same way, the passenger lowering thrust is messed up. The fact that the lane lines are still not drawn on it, that everyone has a way to their head and of course, the traffic teams are not in the middle, drags the work to an inexorable point. The worst part of the incident is that the side road is the route of ambulances. Because there is Murat Kölük State Hospital just behind the side road. So one of the ambulances is going and one is coming. Come on, it is not easy for ambulances to cross this road. Yes ... I know, it is not the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality to regulate the traffic, but if the IMM, which invested heavily in transportation and opened the metrobus to service, even if the Avcılar metrobus stop was in the regulation of the traffic on the side road ... no not.

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