The only proposal for the Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Station is Limak Kolin Cengiz Consortium

space like ussu gar
space like ussu gar

📩 26/04/2019 10:09

Ankara High Speed ​​Rail Station Tender single tender Limak from Kolin Cengiz Consortium: TCDD Deputy Director General Ismet Duman, second tendered that Turkey's first BOT model of high-speed railway station received 10 specifications for the tender and noted that only one bid arrived. Duman said, “If the tender is launched, the projects will continue. The project is for two years, including project preparation, permission and construction. ” said. Duman stated that the BOT model, which has been successfully applied in the construction of airports to date, will be implemented for the first time in a railway project. Stating that they will apply the BOT model in future projects, Duman provided information about the project in case the project was successfully realized. Stating that the construction period cannot exceed 2 years in accordance with the specification, Duman noted that after the necessary examinations and evaluations are made, the envelope with the operating time proposal will be opened before the press.

Source: Time

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