Ankara metro wagon purchase contract to be signed with Chinese CSR

6 is the best 2 in Ankara Metro wagon tender which cannot be finalized. Spanish CAF's appeal was rejected. The ministry is expected to sign a contract tomorrow with the best-selling Chinese CSR company.
A total of 6 months was expected to result in the results of the metro wagon tender was not concluded, but the Spanish barrier was exceeded. Ministry of Transportation, Ankara Metro to take the 324 set metro vehicle for the tender 2. the best bidder of the Spanish CAF, the Public Procurement Authority (JCC) was rejected by reviewing the application. The decision of the GCC against the objection to stop the tender process was rejected by the majority of votes due to the 1 vote. The Spanish CAF, which stopped the tender process, rejected the appeal and returned to the tender process. The Ministry has completed the preparations and started the contract signing process. The ministry is expected to sign a contract tomorrow with the Chinese CSR, which offers the lowest bid.
3 offer had arrived
The 324 wagon auction, which the Ministry of Transportation opened for the Ankara subway, was held at 5 March. 3 bid was given. China's CSR Zhuzhou, with the lowest amount of 322 million dollars, gave the second offer 321.8 million Spanish CAF. The most prominent South Korean Rotem in the auction, the 511 million dollars wanted the highest price. In the 324 51 percent wagon production set by the Ministry put the domestic industry requirement, had created great excitement in the industrial sector in the tender Turkey.
According to the official records of the JCC, the Spanish CAS, 31 on May 2012, filed a complaint with the institution and stopped the tender process. The TIKA decided to review the application of the Spanish CAS which filed a complaint about 4 thousand pounds for the tender. The decision was notified to both the contracting entity and the Spanish CAS in July. In the text of the decision, it was stated that CAS was not provided by the Chinese CSR, which offered the lowest qualification documents required from the bidders who submitted the tender, and that the tender did not run the evaluation process. However, the JCC decided to reject the appeal of the company and the complaint.
The company has the right to go to court within 60 days after the date of notification to the JCC decision.
The decision of the JCC was taken not by unanimity, but by the majority of votes.
Spain-China had fought
The tender for the Ministry of Transport, Ankara Metro to buy 324 set subway cars, will be held in February, while the date was postponed to 14 March. The 5 set of tools for the '75 domestic industry contribution' requirement was set for the 30 set of vehicles and the delivery was foreseen to be delivered in 14 months and then in the 20 month. According to the tender specifications, the company that will undertake the job will start the first delivery in 20 vehicles after 15 months after the contract is signed. All vehicles will be delivered within 39 months. In the first 75 of the metro vehicles, at least 30 domestic contribution is foreseen, while in the remaining part the domestic contribution rate will be 51. The date the Ankara metros will be operational is the end of 2013.



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