At what stage are the constructions in Ankara subway construction?

The fact that a citizen died during the work done in the Ankara subway has lost his life before göç It is the same in the world. It's normal. These and similar events can be expected during the works, İstasyonu said Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. His speech in iftar held at Batıkent Mesa Station in the evening before. Indicating that a period of approximately 6 a month after taking over the metros Ankara Anakent Municipality, the Sincan-Batıkent line in terms of progress with the 50 take over, they now come to 65'e said. Yildirim, Kecioren-Tandogan line of 30'la take over, now at the 41'ye reached the percentage said. Percentage of the Red Crescent-Çayyolu line that they take with 60 75 level of progress is reported that the lightning, "in short, infrastructure works, including construction, electricity, mechanical works, including the waist of work can be said," he said.
Yildirim, said:
“Metro business is hard work, heavy work, high risk business. Of course, someone should do these things. There are people who have never done a job in their lifetime; "Sir, it will be like this if you go from there, it will be like this if you leave here." (…) We make every effort to minimize the risks. Our goal is finished as soon as possible. It is unfair to say 'Sir, they are rushing the subways, there is a danger for this'. An approach such as "They are still rushing the subways that have been on the agenda in Ankara for 10 years" would be unfair to Ankara residents. Things are fine in the subways, nobody should get confused.

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