AK Party only gave approval to İZBAN

IMM Assembly In the 2 session of August, the capital increase increased blood pressure. While the capital increase of 54 million pounds for the companies belonging to the municipality caused a debate between the AK Party and the CHP Group, the biggest capital increase was the company with 40 million pounds.
In the 2 session of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the capital increase in 54 million pounds, which was planned to be made to municipal companies, caused the voices to rise in parliament. Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun attended by Parliament Speaker Adnan Oguz Akyarlı'nın ruled at the parliamentary meeting of the tariff rates applied to the tariff of the transportation tariffs and the campaigns in Kabristan were also announced. In the capital increase of 54 million pounds, IZTAS was the company that received 40 million pounds, while the Izmit 3 million 716 thousand pounds, Aegean City Planning Company 1 million 893 thousand pounds share. In the parliamentary decision that the AK Party Group did not approve, the TCDD and Büyükşehir jointly established İZBAN received a capital increase of 7 million TL. Reacting to the refusal of the AK Party Group, the CHP Council Member Uğur Yelekli, İZUL, İZDENİZ and ESHOT companies provide transportation services in the city, said: li The municipality is not a profit-making as much as possible to carry the low wages. Then, when the year-end comes, this is subsidized by a parliamentary decision. This is the case all over the world. While the AK Party group does not give approval to municipal companies, TCDD's 50 is approved by the company. I'm asking from here. Discrimination is being done. Or is the decision made political? ”
Çakar: zar Public harm “
Reacting to the words of the CHP Councilor Ugur Yelekli and speaking on behalf of the group of AK Party group vice president Yusuf Kenan Cakar, never such a discrimination, said that the discrimination will not suit the AK Party. Yusuf Kenan Çakar, who underlined that the only reason for the increase in the capital to municipal companies is the public damage, said: ç We did not give approval for being a public loss. In IZBAN, there is no such thing as subsidizing a loss. IZBAN wants to invest in capital increase and get new train sets, İZ he said. In addition to the discussions on capital increase, the 50 discount will be decided for the holiday transportation, while the buses that make the flights to the airport will be able to take advantage of the 3 discount. In addition, on the eve of the three days of the holiday for the citizens of the holy day 5-50 hours between Hacılarkırı, Bornova, Karabağlar, Yesilyurt, Sogukkuyu, Dogancay, Örnekköy, Balçova, Narlıdere and Buca to organize free bus services to the graves were decided.

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