Adana - Mersin railway will be extended to 4 lines, signaling system is renewed

State Railways 6. The Regional Directorate is developing a new project to make the train journey comfortable, safe and more economical.
According to the project; Adana Mersin will be removed from four evenings, the turnstile system will be brought to the ratio of illegal passengers will be prevented, the ticket can not pass through the turnstile, freight and other trains will be more comfortable. With the signaling system to be completed in October of 2013, train accidents will no longer happen.
Authorities, the recently launched Anatolian-branded train sets increased the number of passengers, said: mark Currently, the 5 set into service. These are domestic production. All the comforts were considered for the passengers in these sets. Therefore, our passengers started to prefer these sets. We are developing various projects in order to make both passenger and cargo transportation more comfortable. Because as we increase comfort, the number of passengers increases. Çünkü
2011 months of the year 7 between Adana Mersin 3 million 140 thousand, xnumx'n the 2012 the months stated that they carry 7 million 3 thousand passengers, officials, citizens said that they have to mobilize all their resources to make a comfortable journey.
Officials explaining that discounts are applied to citizens of every age group, “Besides, we apply discounts to various groups on train journeys. For example, on the 50, we apply a discount of% 50 to our citizens and companions with disabilities. Around 90 we have free access to people with disabilities. 7-13 age group 60 up to the age of our citizens 20 discount are discounted. State Railways 7'den 70'e provides convenience to all our passengers. UM he said.
Formerly, the trains between Adana and Mersin were hit with stones in some areas. We put them on the train and took them. We traveled by train and explained that what was done was wrong. Trains are not stoned as before. Because we have told children by showing that the behavior is wrong. Çünkü
Citizens in the protection of trains, which emphasized the great responsibilities of the authorities,, As a passenger when riding in the wrong behavior, or if the children outside the stones should be intervened as a citizen should be intervened. We make warnings about not to damage trains. Citizens in stone-throwing areas should also warn their children in this direction. Because a thrown stone can cause injury to a person. Çünkü

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