In the US, a woman fell on the subway track with the child in her arms.

The woman, who came to Kendall metro station in Massachusetts with her 4 son, did not notice that the subway station was on the platform and tried to reach the metro quickly.
The woman who saw the end of the platform, he found on the tracks with the child in the lap. The 2 passenger at the station was rescued quickly and the woman and child were saved.
Joe Pesaturo, responsible for transport systems, said, met The woman thinks he is on the platform on the platform against the platform. He could not see the end of the platform as he was walking across the street. Yür
The mother survived the accident and her son was taken to the hospital by an ambulance from the scene.
I The mother was worried that she might have her head scratched, un says Pesaturo, and drew attention to the possibility that the mother and son might be exposed to electric current if they touch the third rail.

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