Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Route Map

Yavuz Sultan Selim Koprusu Guzergahi Map
Yavuz Sultan Selim Koprusu Guzergahi Map
  1. Bridge Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Route Map: The third bridge to be built in Istanbul and the roads to which the connection roads and connection roads will pass have been determined. 1-440 file number “North Marmara Highway Plan ı was approved in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council in 1 / 25.000 plan scale in August last year. The plan, which was suspended in early September, was suspended in early October. However, highway exit points and connection roads, which are of great importance in terms of land prices of the regions in which they are located, have escaped attention. In fact, the public did not know much about the issue. However, it is stated that real estate investors, especially land brokers, have already started initiatives in these regions.


According to the approved plan, the third ring road starts from Gebze Şekerpınar Balcık. The road passing through a point close to Akfırat Tepeören and Kurnaköy turnout is progressing through the forested areas of Sultanbeyli. It passes into the Alemdağ Forest after passing through the areas of Şamandıra and Alemdağ. Beykoz is connected to Ishaklı, Paşamandıra, Riva and Poyrazköy.


The road that connects to the European side with the third Bosphorus Bridge passes through Uskumruköy and Demirciköy after Garipçe and enters Belgrad Forests behind Arıköy. After Odayeri and Ağaçlı villages are finished, the area extends from Tayakadın and Baklalı to Hadımköy. Then it proceeds through the fields in Çatalca İnceğiz, north of Büyükçekmece Lake and ends at the exit of TEM Motorway Kınalı at the third airport in Silivri Gazitepe.

Prices on the new motorway route

  • Village Land (m2) price
  • Poyrazköy 80 - 120
  • AliExadir 60 -80
  • PASMA 120 - 150
  • Bozhane 70 -100
  • 70 -100 with Lake
  • Ishacli 130 -150
  • Republic 80 -100
  • Hüseyinli 80 -100
  • Sırapınar 90 -120
  • Nişantepe 500 - 600
  • Paşaköy 500 - 600
  • Sancaktepe 700 - 1.400
  • Kurnaköy 50 - 100
  • Akfırat 180 - 250
  • Slime 100 - 150
  • Alemdağ 1.000 - 1.500


The Northern Marmara Motorway, which is planned to relieve the traffic, will inevitably evaluate some areas on both sides of Istanbul. According to experts, especially near the exit points of the new highway will make a premium. After the entrance and exit of Gebze Şekerpınar, Tepeören Akfırat is the first starting point of the new motorway. The second exit point in Akfırat is the Istanbul Park road where F1 races are held.
The third exit point of the new highway was planned near the Mevlana neighborhood of Sultanbeyli. The last exit point on the Anatolian side was built between Alemdağ and Çekmeköy on the Şile Motorway.
The Northern Marmara Motorway also has an exit in Çatalca. The final exit point of the motorway is very close to the third airport that will be built in Silivri Gazitepe. The new highway joins TEM with TEM.


Two express connection routes were planned on the Anatolian Side between the Northern Marmara Motorway and TEM. The first of the express connection road will take place near Sultanbeyli immediately after passing Kurtköy. The second express connection road will start from Ümraniye Prison and connect to TEM via Çavuşbaşı after passing through Alemdağ, Taşdelen and Çekmeköy.

On the European side, there are two express access roads. After passing the third bridge, there will be an express way of connection between Karaağaç and TEM Mahmutbey offices. A connection point between the North Marmara Motorway and TEM will be constructed from a point close to Büyükçekmece Lake.


A brand new route was planned between Kağıthane and Nakkaş. The road that starts in front of İSKİ General Directorate in Kağıthane is passing through Gazi District and Başakşehir and after Sazlıçeşme Dam Lake and Hadımköy behind Küçükçekmece, it connects from Nakkaş to Kuzey Marmara Motorway behind Büyükçekmece Lake. This interconnection road to Habibler and Sultançifligi, Küçükçekmece, Bahçeşehir, Hadımköy'e output was given. Then it was connected to TEM near Hazerfen Airport.


Length of Kınalı - Balcık main line of North Marmara Motorway is 141 kilometer. Line on the Asian side of Istanbul 54 kilometers. The length of the line on the European side is the 86 kilometer. The length of the third bridge over the sea will be a thousand 377 meters. The distance between Nakkaş and Kağıthane is 38.
The length of the express connection road between Çekmeköy and Ümraniye Prison is 13.6 kilometers. The trajectory of Çekmeköy is 2 bin 423, Kurtköy turnway 735, Formula turner thousand 744, Sancaktepe bin 704 and Slime turnout is one thousand 500 meters long. The length of the new motorway at Atatürk Airport and Başakşehir rifts is over 15. Silivri turn 2 bin 151, Çatalca turn 6 bin 76, elm 8 bin 184, Bahçeşehir deviation 5 bin 200 and İkitelli divider 6 bin 152 meter will be in length.


Experts believe that it is necessary to invest in the exit points of the Northern Marmara Motorway in the first place. The exit from Gazitepe Village, which was announced to be built in the first airport in Silivri after the Kınalı junction on the European side, joining TEM, will add value to the region. Close to Gazitepe, Alipaşa, Fenerköy, Ortaköy and KadıköyThe lands in Turkey will also be valued.

The second exit from the new highway connects to the center of Çatalca. There is no zoning permit because the villages are in the basin. However, it is inevitable that land close to the center of Çatalca will make a premium. According to realtors Çatalca exit, Hadımköy and the surrounding areas will give to those who invest. The closest exit to Istanbul, Eyüp and the exit of the woods between Gaziosmanpaşa, Eyüp, which will provide the appreciation of the lands of Agacli, Odayeri, Çiftealan and Kısırkaya. The land in the vicinity of Demirciköy and Zekeriyaköy, which are close to this region, will also make a premium. Northern Marmara Motorway, Gaziosmanpaşa and the environment will ensure the development.


Elmadağ and Çavuşbaşı location, which will be constructed between Kuzey Marmara Motorway and TEM on the Anatolian side, will provide further appraisal of the land in Çekmeköy and Taşdelen. The outlets in Şamandıra and Sultanbeyli will make a premium for the lands in Sancaktepe and Kurnaköy. The Istanbul Park exit, where the F1 races are held on the Asian side, will also evaluate the land in Akfırat and Tepeören. As for the starting point of the road in Şekerpınar, the prices of industrial lands seem to increase.


In the villages of Silivri, the square meters of the land area of ​​the villages are 10 with 60, and the lands of 75 and 250 pounds. We have learned that 40 million pounds are requested for a land of 1.6 acres in Gazitepe. 150 is worth 9 million pounds for a land of acres. 3 acres of land in Fenerköy, the land that has a road front, 100 thousand liras. 14.5 thousand pounds of land on the 450 acres parallel to the highway in Fener. In Alipaşa, the 2.8 acres of land with the façade to Kınalı tolls are sold in 175 thousand pounds. The owner of the 2 acres of land in Alipaşa and around the 125 acres with a motorway front wants a thousand pounds ana

Field and land prices in Silivri TL

  • Villages Field (M2) Plot (M2)
  • Alipaşa 35-60 150-250
  • 25-45 100-180
  • Fenerköy 18-60 80 -180
  • Gazitepe 30-80 125 - 250
  • Akören 10-40 75 - 125
  • Kadıköy 10-60 90-180


Since a large part of Çatalca is in the basin, the lands for sale are generally fields. Apart from the Çatalca center and village centers, there is no development permit. In the villages of Çatalca, the square meter of the land area of ​​the villages is changing between 20 and 120. 25 thousand 750 landed on the old railroad in Bahşayiş, sells a field of square meters to 675 thousand liras. 15 with a façade on the asphalt side in Yeşilbayır The price of a field with a thousand square meters of land is 1.5 million pounds. 3 acres of land in Nakkaş, you can get a thousand acres, Izzettin village 120 thousand 11 thousand square meters in the owner wants 400 thousand pounds, in Tncegiz 300 acres of land for sale 5 thousand pounds. In Elba- san, you can buy 170 acres for 12.5 thousand pounds.


North Marmara Motorway, which will pass through the villages of Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa, near the Black Sea; Yassıören, Baklalı, Dursunköy and Tayakadın will evaluate the land of the villages. In these villages, the square meter of the land area of ​​the villages varies between 15 and 100 lira. In Taya women, it is possible to get a field of 2 thousand 750 square meters and a field of 170 thousand square meters and 17 thousand pounds. 600 thousand 14 in Baklalı is the price of a field of square meters 625 thousand pounds. The owner of the 500 thousand 17 square meters in Dursunköy wants 250 thousand pounds. It is claimed that these prices will be incurred when the highway passes.


It is difficult to find cheap land in the residential areas on the 54 kilometer line that will pass through the Anatolian side of the North Marmara Motorway. For example, the owner of the 5 thousand 720 in Poyrazköy wants a thousand pounds for a field of square meters. They sell the 450 acres of land in Alibahadır, 11 bin in Xiningx, and 935 thousand 5 square meters in Paşamandıra. 500 acres land in Göllü 600 million pounds.

7 thousand in Bozhane, an area of ​​5 acres, is located in Ishakli 840 thousand 4 square meters of the desired price is a thousand pounds 690 thousand pounds. 225 thousand pounds for the land of 3 thousand 750 square meters in the Cumhuriyet village near Beykoz. About a thousand acres of land in Hüseyinli 270 wants a thousand pounds. 6 is an area of ​​450 in Sırapınar and 3.5 in Nişantepe is sold in 300. 4 acres of land in Kurnaköy 2 thousand pounds. You can buy a field of 3 acres in Balcık at 320 thousand pounds.

For a plot of 224 square meters in Paşaköy, you will need to dismiss the 135 bin, and for a plot of 200 in Sancaktepe, 180 thousand pounds. In Akfırat, it is possible to buy 210 square meters in 49 thousand liras.


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