Why were tram stops excavated in Çankaya?

Residents of the city complained about the stop of the 'tram excavation' initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in Çankaya neighborhood, and have suffered from lack of any work for nearly two months.
Residents of the Çankaya neighborhood stated that there was no explanation from the municipality about why the excavation was stopped, and that there was a sound from each head, and that the winter was in front of us, and that the work to be done in the winter would do more harm to the environment.
'They say someone hasn' t been paid. Someone says the court has canceled the tender. Another person who took the tender the tender price by finding the lesser fleeing 'they said the residents of the neighborhood, to cut the front of these rumors that the construction of the tramway to stop the work of the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality said they expected to tell the residents.

Source: Anadolu Newspaper

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