Who Made Ottoman Hijaz Railway

Hijab Rail 1
Hijab Rail 1

The Hijaz Railway was the first target to facilitate the transportation of the soldiers to be transported to these regions in order to strengthen the transportation between Istanbul and the Holy Land, and the pilgrims to go to pilgrimage in a safer manner.

In the most troubled period of the Ottoman Empire, 33 2 does not give a single land with fine political tactics. Abdulhamid had a project that he had dreamed of for years. This project; It was the Hejaz Railway Project, which would connect Islamic worlds like arteries and push even dreams. The Hejaz Railway, Sultan 2. It was built by Abdul Hamid Khan between 1900-1908 and Damascus and Medina. Xnumx masonry bridge and culvert, seven iron bridges, nine tunnels, 2666 station, seven ponds, 96 water reservoir, two hospitals and three workshops were built in the Hejaz Railway construction.

Muslims of the world are pouring aid to Hejaz Abdulhamid Han opens his hands to the sema; God Almighty (swt) and our Prophet (saas) asks for help in realizing this auspicious project. He orders the construction of the Hejaz Railway. Following the order, from Algeria to Tunisia, from South Africa to America, from the Netherlands to Singapore, from Russia to China, from Morocco to Egypt, from India to Java, from Sudan Aids from all Muslim peoples from the Balkans, from Cyprus to Vienna, from Germany to Bosnia, from France to Iran, began to pour in.

Behind these aids, Ottoman soldiers and Engineering School students take their arms. The Hijaz Railway, which the Ummah waits to end with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, is completed with donations collected entirely from the Islamic geography, voluntary service and personal donation of 50 thousand lira by Abdulhamid Khan. The cost of the Hejaz Railway that day was around 4 million 558 thousand liras.

Sultam 2. Abdulhamid: Do not disturb our Prophet (saas). Put felt on the tracks! Sultan Abdulhamid II ordered to put felt on the rails to the center of Madinah so that the Prophet would not be disturbed when the Prophet was within 2 kilometers of the Madina-i Münevver during the construction of the Hejaz Railway. The sounds that will be made by the train passing over the rails are thus prevented.

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