Sculpture Garage was what looked at the table noting the basics of the tram line?

Yesterday; There was such a table in the ceremony of the Metropolitan Municipality held in Kültürpark that the tip reached to the political backstages.
One of the biggest projects of the Metropolitan Municipality, called the T1 Line, was laid yesterday in the area to be used as a maintenance station within the Kültürpark.
Rather the first screws of the rails were bored in the ceremony.
There is no doubt that;
Starting from Kent Square, Darmstadt Street, Stadium Street, Altiparmak Street, Ataturk Street, Statue, Inonu Street and Cyprus Martyrs Street to connect to the City Square to connect to the tram line will consist of 6.5 kilometers, will change the showcase of Bursa.
More importantly;
Relieve urban transportation.
On this occasion, the minibuses will become a taxi and they will not work on this line anymore.
Every public bus can no longer go to Sculpture.
Therefore, the tram, which is the requirement of modern cities, will add and add a lot to Bursa.
It is expected that the railway laying started yesterday will be completed in 10 months and then the trams produced in Bursa will go down on the tracks.
The modern tram project, which will be the 13 station on the designated route, is one of the favorite projects of not only Bursa but also President Recep Altepe.
As well as how to get a new modern stadium to Bursa, it gives great importance to this project which will relax the urban transportation.
So what;
Altepe trying not to be too obvious yesterday, but he was disappointed.
This ceremony was held only yesterday in the absence of deputy Ismet Su, Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın'in ceremony in the name of the Provincial Chairman of the AKP, Mustafa Gürses and Hasan Taş, Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Gürsu, Gemlik Mayors Mustafa Dündar, Özgen Keskin, Orhan Özcü and Refik Yilmaz, Osmangazi District Chairman Cihat Çini, Nilüfer District President Alpaslan Yıldız, municipal bureaucrats and guests attended.
This foundation, which is of historical importance for Bursa, has attracted a great deal of attention, especially in AKP cadres.
AKP's Bursa deputies did not participate in this ceremony due to various reasons, the AKP cadres did not perform the ceremony and the Provincial Presidency only appeared before the representation brought other questions.
In the past;
While the name of the tram was not mentioned in Bursa of many years ago, the DYP, ANAP and DSP people, who were excited even when the light rail system was mentioned, would turn these kinds of organizations into a festive place.
However, the indifference that happened yesterday was amazing.
I wonder;
If the Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç could attend the ceremony of screwing the first rails of this project, which will change the face of Bursa, would not the ruling MPs and party administrations and organization flow into Kültürpark yesterday?

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