The biggest fear of the minibus, the first subway of the Anatolian Side

The first subway of the Anatolian Side Kadıköy-The Eagle line is coming into service on August 17. With the metro, where trials are currently made, the distance between the two districts will be reduced to 29 minutes, and the traffic problem will be largely resolved. Anatolian Side residents are looking forward to the launch of the subway. However, this subway line worries the minibus shopkeepers. For KadıköyWith the opening of the Eagle subway, there are rumors that 376 minibuses running between Gebze and Harem will be distributed to other lines and this possibility frightens the minibuses.
Koray Öztürk, the President of the Chamber of Minibuses of Istanbul Minibus, made a statement on this issue yesterday and expressed their discomfort: yap The plates of the minibuses working in Gebze-Harem line were converted from 1996 to 41 in 34. These plates are not the same with the plate issued with the decision of the Council of Ministers of 1986 in 10553. Gebze-Harem minibus owners made a commitment to the plate conversion phase. The right holders 'commitment will not be distributed even on another, any official institutions and organizations will not claim such a claim' was made. On this condition they took the 34 license plate. Bu
Öztürk said that the traffic problem in E5 could not be solved by distributing the minibuses running between Gebze and Harem to other lines. Ini If the vehicle was converted from 41 to 34, its owner has the commitment given by the notary. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality does not know what kind of work. However, there are rumors about the distribution of 376 minibuses running between Gebze and Harem on other lines and we are definitely against this practice. '

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