TCDD Ankara - Konya High Speed ​​Railway Project Tender for 6-year maintenance-repair and cleaning service with 1 very high speed train sets and 7 simulator

Within the scope of “Ankara - Konya High Speed ​​Train Project” to be realized by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise, with the tender of “6 High Speed ​​Train Sets and 1 Simulator Supply and 7 years of maintenance-repair and cleaning service supply”. The related announcement was published in the Official Gazette on 10 August 2012.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The full text of the announcement of the tender in question is as follows:
Section I. Invitation for Development of the Republic of Turkey and Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Railway Line Project
From the General Directorate of State Railways:
5 6 year-long maintenance and maintenance and cleaning service with 1 QTY High Speed ​​Train Set and 7 pcs Simulator with XNUMX Reserves.
1. This tender notice is published in the Financial Times dated 07.02.2012 and following the general procurement announcement published on the İKB website.
2. The Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate of Railway Modernization has been requested loans from the Islamic Development Bank for the financing of the Project 5 Piece High Speed ​​Train Set with 6% reserves a portion of these loans and 1 Simulator Available with 7-year maintenance - repair and cleaning
It is planned to be used for payments to be made.
3. In this context, the Republic of Turkey State Railways Headquarters, 5% with reserves 6 Piece High Speed ​​Train Set and 1 Total Simulator Available with 7-year maintenance and the willingness convenient to buy cleaning service
a closed envelope will be quoted.
Delivery location; for goods abroad it will be offered through the CIP Ankara-Yurt (Ray on) TURKEY, as will be delivered.
4. The tender shall be made in accordance with the international competitive bidding and finalization procedures set out in the Guidelines on the Procurement of Goods and Works in accordance with the Financing of the Islamic Development Bank and is open to all bidders from eligible countries as specified in this guide.
5. Bidders must meet the minimum qualification criteria specified in the tender document in order to be eligible for this tender. One of the evaluation criteria is that the bidders have experienced in two similar contracts, each with a minimum of 2005 million in the last seven years (2011-180); at least one of these contracts must be successful and complete.
6. BNUMX: 8.1: 8: 30: 12: 30: XNUMX: XNUMX
and 13: 30-17: 30.
7. The full tender file set in Turkish and English can be purchased by the interested bidders who are interested in writing the application in the address written in 8.2 and paying the non-refundable amount of 10.000 in cash to TCDD Ankara Head Office. Tender dossier directly by bidders
In 8.2, the tender dossier will be received by hand at the address given for purchase.
8. Bidding envelopes will be delivered to the address specified in 10 on 10 / 2012 / 14.00 prior to 8.1 for the delivery of bids. All bids must be submitted in the form and amount specified in the tender dossier together with the bid bond. Late bids will be rejected. The BNUMX / 10 / 10 will be opened in 2012 at 14.00 at 8.3 at the local time.
8.1. The tender dossier can be examined, information about the file can be received and the offer envelopes will be delivered
Address: Attn / Contact Person: Turgut KUMAŞ
General Directorate of TCDD
The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways
Procurement Department
Talatpaşa Blv. No 3 Floor / Floor 1 st, Room Number / Room
No: 1113 06330 Gar Ankara / TURKEY
Wire: + 90 (312) 309 05 15 / 4419
Fax: + 90 (312) 311 53 05
8.2. The address of the tender file can be purchased personally:
TCDD General Directorate
State Railways Talatpaşa Boulevard No: 3
TCDD Central Cashier (TCDD's Central Cash Office)
Floor / Floor 1st, Room Number / Room No: 1107 06330 Gar-
Ankara / TURKEY
8.3. The address of the tender will be:
General Directorate of TCDD
Large Meeting Room (1.Kat) Talatpaşa Boulevard No: 3
06330 Gar-Ankara / Turkey
Wire: 0312 309 05 15 / 4419 0312 311 53 05 XNUMX XNUMX
Loan provided for financing the aforementioned tender
Approved by the Council of Ministers. Islamic Development
To 174.350.000 Euros from the Bank
The approval of the Cabinet of Ministers on 08 August 2012
It was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1091 / 30 July 2012 (PA)

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