Russian Railways plan to open "Kazan-2", the second railway station in Kazan

Russian Railways are planning to open the second railway station, "Kazan-2", in Kazan. On the first Sunday of August, the Workers' Day is celebrated in Russia. Within the framework of this year's celebration, 2013 will host World University Games and new transport points will be opened.
According to previous statements, University Games 2013 prepared 11 billion Rubles for the development of infrastructure in Kazan. The 3.5 billion part of this budget was realized. In May of the 2011, Russian Railways announced the construction of a railway station that would make it easier to reach the airport from the center of Kazan. 700 million rubles were spent in 2011 million Rubles in the year of the project expected to be worth. Once the station is completed, you will be able to reach the airport from Kazan city center in just 73 minutes with the trains that will operate at 140 km per hour.
In addition to the infrastructure improvements carried out within the framework of preparation for the University Olympics, the Kazan-2 station was built at the Vosstaniye-Pasajirskaya station, which will provide the transit of trains and passengers. These garages will cost Ruble a total of 1.1 billion. This amount was spent in 500 million Ruble 2011. These projects are planned to be opened in December 2013.

Source : the turkish.ruvr.r


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