Prime Minister Erdogan: Our aim is to train Marmaray to 29 October

Our goal is to train Marmaray to 29 October next year. Together with Marmaray, we are connecting London and Beijing. I hope it will be our duty to train this system from under the sea. We make a 2-layer tube pass. Cars will also pass through this tube passage. We are bringing it up to 2015. In 2015, I hope the cars will pass through this 2-storey tube passage. This is not enough. Now, what was one of the important steps we took - Eskişehir-Ankara high-speed train has finished, now we hope to finish the high-speed train between Eskişehir and Istanbul quickly, and we are making it ready for the order of all our people. He's not finished. We are building the Istanbul-Izmir highway. Thus, the distance between Istanbul and Izmir will no longer be far for them, and it will become close. He's not finished. Now we are taking a new step. I hope we made the tender for the 3rd bridge, as you know. With the tender of the 3rd bridge, we will further ease these two bridges by shifting heavy vehicles to the 3rd bridge route. I hope we will implement the 3rd bridge with build-operate-transfer quickly.

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Günceleme: 14/03/2019 18:47

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