Kadıköy - The biggest benefit Kartal metro will bring!

KadıköySpeaking at the opening of the Eagle Metro, Prime Minister Erdogan said that they expect 572 buses and 1227 minibuses to withdraw from traffic in the first year. Erdogan, KadıköyHe stated that Rıhtım Avenue will be opened to pedestrians.
KadıköySpeaking at the opening ceremony of the Eagle Metro, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan said: “It has been a process of about 7 years. With a financing of 3.1 billion lira, we are completing the 22 km long line. This line has a different richness with a vehicle moving every 2.5 minutes. This period will get shorter over time. Every 90 seconds KadıköyVehicle will depart from Kartal. The technological infrastructure of the first metro line on the Anatolian Side is revolutionary. There will be no mechanics on the trains. The operator in the control center will direct the trains with the mouse movement.
With this line, we save about 15 days of time per person per year. With this line, annual savings of 1 billion 153 million will be saved in Istanbul. kazanwe will have risen. If this line was not built, 32 buses would have to be put into use every year. We expect that 572 buses and 1227 minibuses will be withdrawn from traffic in the first year, which will lead to a great relief in traffic.
The number of motor vehicles entering Istanbul per day is 450. There are serious problems in traffic. If these repairs are not made and there is a price, then how do we explain this? During all this time, print and visual media shot some from the right, others from the left. The problem is actually how we wear down the AK Party government. We will quickly complete the maintenance work on the bridge. The most suitable season was chosen to do this work.
Prime Minister Erdogan, Kadıköy He also announced a new arrangement to be made in the Square. Erdogan said, “Rıhtım Avenue will be closed to traffic from Haldun Taner and will be opened to pedestrians. We open the old bus stops to pedestrians. KadıköyA square measuring 60 thousand square meters kazanWe're going up," he said.

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