7 month long High Voltage transformer maintenance and operation engineering service tender tender to Eskişehir wagon Maintenance Repair Workshop

Tender Responsible: Abuzer KARADAĞ
Auction Manager Phone: 0312 3090515 / 4762
Tender Manager Fax: 0312 2111573
Announcement Date: 25.07.2012 00: 00: 00
Ihale Tarihi:01.08.2012 00:00:00-14.00
Tender Method: Directly Available
Tender Subject: Directly Available
Registration number:
Mail: I tcddxnumx.bolgecermud@gmail.co
Technical specification Eskişehir Wagon maintenance will be provided from the Repair Directorate Directorate.
Contact phone: 0222 225 80 80 / 362 (Ibrahim Pamuk, Soner Yilmaz)
7 Monthly High Voltage Transformer Maintenance and Operation Engineering Service to Eskişehir Wagon Maintenance Repair Workshop (Offers to EskişehirWagon Workshop)


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