17 ton beam fell on train tracks

In Çiğli district of İzmir, 17-ton beam and 4-ton boom fell on the tracks with great noise. No one died or was injured in the incident.
The incident occurred at the train station of the IZBAN district of Çiğli district, around 02.00:5 at night. Undertaking the construction of the Evka-01.00 viaduct, the employees of the subcontractor survived a great danger during the beam laying process. Employees of subcontractors waited for 01.00 at the end of İZBAN's train services to put the beam on the bridge. When the expeditions ended at 100, the workers started to work. Electric current on the rails ceased, the process of putting beams with the crane, which has a lifting capacity of about XNUMX tons, began.
The crane lifted the 30-meter-long approximately 17-ton beam into the air. The crane boom broke when the beam was about to be mounted on the viaduct. The 17-ton beam and the boom of the crane fell on the rails with great noise. No one died or was injured in a work accident. Enver Kağan (50), who was standing to mount at the feet of the viaduct, returned from death. Another crane called to the scene removed the debris. Electric cables belonging to İZBAN, on which the beam fell, were broken, and rails were damaged. For this reason, it was learned that İZBAN flights were canceled for a while.

Source: Polis Haber

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