1 Million People Used the Cable Car in Ordu

📩 16/02/2019 07:27

The number of people who enjoy the pleasure of going to Boztepe, which is the 1500-meter-high viewing terrace of Ordu, is increasing day by day.

9 million people have used the cable car, which was opened on June 1, the Army Mayor Seyit Torun said that 1 million people have used the cable car so far.

President Seyit Torun said that the transportation provided to Boztepe by cable car made a great contribution to the Black Sea tourism.
Torun said, “Boztepe will be getting richer with new facilities in the coming years. If we still have citizens who do not go to Boztepe by cable car, I invite them. Surely they should get in and have this pleasure. ” spoke in the form.
The 40-year dream of Ordu, the Boztepe cable car project is 2 thousand 350 meters long.

Source: White Newspaper

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