Zonguldak, the giant sand pile found in the work area of ​​TCDD, astonishes those who see.

Stating that everywhere is covered with sand in windy weather and that they have great problems in hot weather, local residents react to the fact that the sand deposit is not moved in the middle of the city. Sand dunes attract attention in the area opposite the Çaycuma-Devrek surrounding district and town stops in the Karaelmas District. Karaman Çayköy Minibus Driver Murat Tatoğlu, who stated that the sand depot in the TCDD site, which was not covered and was learned to be operated by a private company, should be moved out of the city, “When there is a wind, sand is filled into our cars. We are left in the dust. Our citizens and passengers also complain about this situation. We want this situation to be corrected. " said.
Şevket Cin, the driver of the station, suffer from the same complaint. Cin, stating that the sand tank became more uncomfortable in hot weather, ed This sand has been here for a long time. We don't know why he's here. When there is the wind, dust remains in our eyes. He makes us very uncomfortable in hot weather. We learned that this material was brought here from Karabük. There is also the rumor that iron powder is formed by the melting of iron. But we are not fully informed about what happened to us. Passersby passing through here pass the fear. Im He said.
Nihat Zor, the Mukhtar of Elvan Pazardzhik Beldesi, said: B We, as all the stewards and citizens, want the sand to be removed from here and moved to a place where we will not suffer. In the center of the city, we demand that this disgrace in the TCDD business area be finalized and that the material should be moved away from the settlement. bringing in the storage area, said the information is not available.

Source : I beyazgazete.co

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