In Greece, Sultan Abdulaziz's Sultanate wagon cannot share.

Greece's capital Athens and Thessaloniki cannot share the Sultan Abdülaziz's' Sultanate wagon Yunanistan.
The Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Butaris, asked for the extradition of the Sultan's Wagon to Thessaloniki, in the 100 year anniversary of the city's liberation, at the Railway Museum in Athens. Athens has not yet been answered.
The ord Sultans' Wagon V was kept in Thessaloniki until 1979. When the first Railway Museum opened in Athens, it was transferred to the Greek capital. In the 1996, Efthimios Kontopoulos, a staff of the Thessaloniki Railway Museum, said that the open wagon of Sultan Abdulaziz's in Sultanate Train Yunan, which consists of five wagons, was captured by Greek soldiers at 1912 and the other 4 wagon was not found. Kontopulos, the "Sultanate Train" 1870 the Emperor of France in Istanbul in the very good hospitality of Eugenie'in Sultan Abdülaziz said that the gift.
Yiannis Butaris runs a special campaign to attract Turkish and Jewish tourists to Thessaloniki. The house where Atatürk was born thanks to thousands of people every year are going to Thessaloniki from Turkey. Again, Thessaloniki is a center of attraction for Israeli and Jewish tourists, once hosted by the most densely Jewish population of the region.

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