Yesinler your remote reading system!

I always ride on the tram. But I don't have a certain time, I don't have a certain stop on boarding. As for the tram, I don't have any attachments. In the tram, I only try to observe people's actions and actions in the best way.
I'm gonna give you the watches this time because it's a little different.
On Tuesday, I took the tram from the Victory stop in the waters of 11.45. I sat in the back. It's so hot out there, you cook the egg on the asphalt.
At that time, I saw two people working in the small cabin where the attendant was at the tram stop. I saw it.
The tram came to Alaaddin stop. These two friends quickly stepped into the booth of the official at the Aladdin stop this time.
The doors of the tram are open, so I overhear the conversation.
The friend in charge emptied the cabin first and then asked what to do. The older one of those two “You don't have to write the tram anymore. We're setting up a new system. After that, this system will read the tram that comes automatically. You don't need to write anymore. ” The doors of the tram closed and the sound stopped.
I came back. The ladies and especially the children play in the tram and go to that side. As the nose of the tram changes direction, the next people change seats. In short, they flee to the unseen side.
It's burning outside, but there's no breathing inside the tram.
At the tower stop two women and one man boarded. One of the women told the young girl sitting in the front “ Do you mind if I sit down? Kız and the girl next to her got up and gave the two ladies their seats. The man put two bags in his hand in the women's lap. But the lie, but the right women found a seat to sit in the heat. He got rid of the bags.
I thanked me once more.
Afternoon at 16.13. Again I got on the tram from Alaaddin stop.
The relative increase to the hot afternoon outside, the interior of the tram continues to boil at the same rate.
I'm back again, but I'm standing this time. The tram is full.
But that's destiny.
Supposedly we grew a beard. We want to keep an eye on our eyes and ears. We're trying to be more.
We say if we can pull a drop from this world, we will, but they're coming at us.
This time, I have two blue men in front of me.
(KOSKI staff is now wearing uniform. Blue jeans, blue T-shirt. All in one bag. Index bag in the bag. They are very cute and nice. I call these people blue guys. people there)
Anyway these two blue guys are talking;
- “What a hot one. What will we do in Ramadan ”
The other responds;
- “Allah will give patience to the Caspian”
Five, ten seconds pass;
- içi The inside of the tram is warmer from the outside ”. His friend replies:
- tabii Of course it's blowing out. Look, there's no breathing here ...
My anger grows so high.
I would like to make a statement to those who make fun of this nation and to newspapers and say, ız We will install air conditioners on trams ”and swear to those who share our lies with us ki
But the advice of the Governor, Mr. Nezih Doğan Bey, last Friday, resonates in my ear;
“These journalists have yaaaa these journalists !!!
You should look at the half full glass of water dolu
Immediately I start to pray instead of gathering myself into sin;
“May Allah be pleased with those who brought this tram to this city. Thank God for getting on the tram in a healthy way. Thank God for not breathing a thousand times. With the pressure cooker we are in right now, let us remember the test and the other world. Let us tidy up ”
Then I stare out the window and read Ayet-el Kürsi. But what a lie. I read it, but my mind is still on the remote reading system of the blessed tram yine
Remote reading haaaa.
Let them eat you…
The real knowledge lies in recognizing one's ignorance
When Mubarak goes into the month of Ramadan, we become a man when we think of the nation, not ourselves.

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