Getting to the Cable Car with the New Cable Car

The New Teleferic Street, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as an alternative route to the cable car and which connects Işıklar Street to Devrengeç Street, was opened with a ceremony.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the last 50 20 times of Bursa's most important problem of the transportation is recalling the transportation, to create a rooted solution to this problem in every corner of the city they opened new ways, expanding the existing ways to measure the means, he said.

In addition to the Bursaray and urban tramway projects, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been continuing its new road opening and expansion works, also gave a new way to Yıldırım district. Starting from the point where the fire station is located and connecting Işıklar Street to Devrengeç Street, the new road which is a meter long 600 was opened to the ceremony with the completion of the terse and environmental arrangements. The opening ceremony of the New Teleferik Street, which is an important alternative to the cable car, was attended by the Mayor Recep Altepe, as well as the members of the AK Party Bursa deputies Bedrettin Yıldırım, İsmet Su, Mustafa Kemal Şerbetçioğlu and Önder Matlı, the Mayor of Yıldırım Özgen Keskin and many citizens.

Buildings are falling, transportation is relieved

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the last 50 20 years of growing and under the pressure of intensive construction in this city is not easy to produce services under the pressure, he said. , We are forced to demolish buildings in order to make sports facilities, parks, roads and social facilities. We started the destruction of the 4 building yesterday to make the park and service unit in Ulus. We are also continuing the destruction of the 30 building, which was completed in the Lightning stage of the road road 42 meters of the road to Ankara. We destroyed the 19 building on Vişne Street and we removed the obstacles on the main street and destroyed the 5 building on Derya Street. Again, the road to the demolition of the Mountain Road Street continues. To date, the building above the 700, to open the road, parked to do. The remaining 3 expropriated 155 million TL annually and this figure is even greater than the annual 15 expropriation of Bursa. The road has been one of the most important services throughout human history. We are trying to compensate for this loss of Bursa, which has lost a lot of time by talking in this area. In line with the demands of the people, we continue our activities without interruption. As the Master said, "Or make a way, or a path to get out of the way," he said.

Alternative transport to the lift

Remarking that the people of the region have high demands in terms of creating an alternative route to the ropeway, President Altepe said, ve We created an alternative route in this region in order to minimize the problems in the exit and landing of the ropeway. With the completion of the road, the region became more accessible. Tourists who will use the ropeway when going to Uludağ with the residents of the region will not have to use the road that passes through military high school buildings and has sharp bends. Bölge

We continue our transportation investments

Lightning Mayor Özgen Keskin emphasized that the big ring road in the AK Party period, large investments such as the nearby eastern ring road, as well as the investments of the rail system made by the Metropolitan Municipality, Yildirim traffic breathing according to other districts. While the Metropolitan Municipality works on the main roads in the district, Keskin said that they opened verticals close to 10., Again, we opened a dead end on 200. We've finished 7 car parking lot. I would like to thank the Mayor Recep Altepe and his team for providing such a route to the cable car area böyle.

Representing the deputies participating in the ceremony in the AK Party deputy Mustafa Kemal Şerbetçioğlu Bursa in the period of the AK Party in the city and inter-city road construction increased, stating that it does not mean that the road is easy to make, the AK Party cadres easily handle the difficult jobs they said. Şerbetçioğlu congratulated Mayor Altepe and his team on the fact that he was able to overcome the difficult tasks in Bursa.

President Altepe and the accompanying protocol members then cut the ribbon and opened the road for transportation. President Altepe, who uses the car on his own on the newly opened road, then greeted the drivers.

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