Metrobus system in New Delhi has brought rich and poor

Does the solution brought to Turkey in transportation, or the implementation of the narrowing of traffic lanes due to overcrowding, as well as those who ride the Metrobus under discussion are not very satisfied, also led the class struggle in India. The most populous democracy in the world The metrobus-like transportation system to find a solution to the traffic problem in the capital of India, New Delhi, confronted the lower and middle-income populations, who use public transportation with the private car owners. The OH Bus Fast Transit olan (OHT) corridor, which has caused huge controversy since its completion in 2008, has now become a court case upon the application of private car owners.
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Only less than 16 of the city with a population of 20 million has a private vehicle, including scooters and motorcycles. While more than 50 of New Delhi uses buses, the rest provides transportation by bicycle, tricycle or by foot. The government, considering these figures, decided to make the roads more comfortable for bus and bike users. OHT system aims to accelerate transportation and reduce accidents for buses and bicycles. However, with the implementation of the system with two separate lanes for bicycles and buses, the space allocated to cars decreased and traffic increased for drivers. Private car owners who could not move on the roads for a long time, joined for the removal of the system. Last week, the local court decided to open the strips for buses and bicycles to private cars. The decision to determine the fate of the system will give the Supreme Court of Delhi. The Ministry of Transport, however, announced that the Delhi Supreme Court would not give up if it took a decision to lift the system and move the case to the Supreme Court, the most competent court in India.
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The question of whether the 'Metrobus' system is a success or a disaster depends on the segment you are looking for. Retired captain BB Sharan, who signed the petition, rebelled against the fact that the road for buses right next to it was empty while the cars were stuck in traffic, saying, “50 buses pass through the corridor per hour. The number of cars is 40 or 50 times that. It's unfair to give so little space to car owners. "Not even a person with a car started using the bus, it didn't help anyone," he says. According to the report prepared by the Indian Institute of Technology, between 2001 and 2006 10 years kazanWhile 9 of them were fatal, this number decreased to two after 2009. There has been no fatal accident involving bicycles since 2008.

Source: Nationality

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