He flew to the rail system construction to avoid pedestrians.

In Kayseri, the driver broke the steering wheel in order not to hit the pedestrians.
According to information obtained 38 S 0365 plate with a shuttle van Kocasinan Cırgalan District Sivas Boulevard watching the FD (42), crossing the road to hit the pedestrians who want to cross the road broke. Out of control, the vehicle flew to the railway system construction on the boulevard.
By chance, the driver survived the accident,, I broke the steering wheel to avoid hitting the pedestrians. When the brake was done, the vehicle was out of control and I fell into the construction of the rail system. There was no one in the car except me. I did not get the wound Y said.
The absence of students in the vehicle prevented the disaster, the overthrown minibus was removed with the hammer. The police launched an investigation into the incident.

Source : I www.haberx.co

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