Çekmeköy will live its second spring with metro line

Çekmeköy is one of the first places to be preferred after the earthquake with 1999 and it is preparing to live its second spring with its metro line.
With the emergence of urban regeneration and reciprocity laws, mobility in all parts of Istanbul is manifested in Çekmeköy. The Üsküdar-Çekmeköy subway, which is the foundation of which was laid, has also made the region a center of attraction.
In the 1970 years, Çekmeköy started to become attractive with its industrial areas and other business areas around 2009 and it started to work with İMES and MODOKO. he also said that employees take on the role of responding to housing needs. In 2005, the district municipality of Çekmeköy, which has left the municipality of Ümraniye, is evaluated in terms of housing, indicating that the projects in the region started to develop after XNUMX, and emphasized that the projects in the region address the middle and upper income groups.
Sevin Aksan conveys that approximately 70 of the district is forest. Olduğun Villa style housing projects formed by leaving large green areas in the region are frequently encountered. In general, the region near the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, forest areas, who want to live in cuts, pr he said.
Housing prices are on the rise
Aksan said that housing projects in the region caused an increase in land prices and this increase affected the profitability of the project negatively. Aksan emphasized that there has been an increase in house prices due to the decrease in project profitability. Alemdağ Houses, which are being built with TOKI - Emlak Konut partnership, stated that 1.200 is among the biggest projects of the region with housing and gave the following information:
Villa The project, which is located in the middle of a large green area, has villa and apartment blocks. Apart from this project, different projects such as Lidya Flats, Zin D Zen, Corner Park and Corner Town are being built in the region. In this region, prices are at 1.200 - 1.500 dollar / m2 level. Bu
Referring to the expansion of the residential areas of the district, Aksan said, ed With the opening of the underground line and the opening of the Üsküdar - Şile Motorway, the residential areas in the district extend to Taşdelen-Alemdağ region. Considering housing projects and education and transportation investments, the region is expected to continue its development.
Prices start from 1.500 DOLAR
Aksan, Glow 3, Dome Residence, Ant Forest, Çekmeköy Mansions, Aktürk Rapsodi Houses, Agaoglu My Roseville, Ardenia Houses and Maya Vera projects, stating, Ağ Besides the villa, 1 + 1 to 6 + 1 different size and features are also possible to find apartment types. While the unit prices in the Villa projects vary between 1.500 and 4 thousand dollars, this figure changes in 1.000 and 2 bin 500 dollar band in apartment flats. Villa
Type M2 Price
Villas 1.500-4.000 dollars
Apartments 1.000-2.500 dollars
Housing value increased by% 1.34
Central Bank announced April 2012 Housing Price Index. Accordingly, Turkey Housing Price Index (TKF A) (= 2010 100), compared to the previous month of April increased by 2012 1.34 120.6 percent was realized.
Increasing by 11.92 by the same month of the previous year, TKFE increased by 0.70 in real terms in the same period. The unit prices calculated as the housing value per square meter was 2011 pounds per square meter in April of 969,6.
26 provinces in the last two years made the actual subject of the valuation reports analyzed and calculated Turkey New Housing Price Index (TYKF A) (2010 = 100) from the previous month in April year 2012 took place in 1 levels increased by 121.37 percent.
The index increased by 12.46 percent in nominal terms and by 1.19 in real terms.
When the developments in the housing price indices of the three major cities were evaluated, the highest increase in 2012 was realized in Istanbul in April with a percentage increase of 1.87. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 1.71 and Izmir with 0.89 respectively. The index values ​​increased by 14.21, 11.83 and 10.21 in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara respectively compared to the same month of the previous year.
M2 in Istanbul 1.681 TL
Housing unit prices in Istanbul were quite high compared to Ankara and Izmir. In April, 2012 was 1.025 and 1.204 pounds per square meter in Ankara and Izmir, respectively.
'We deserve to live in good places like Europe'
Istanbul, which is leading the project under the signature of the founder of DOME Architecture Murat Yilmaz, Turkey is among the rising new architects. Murat Yılmaz, who is very good at evaluating the opportunities real estate sector has given to architects, evaluates this feature in his latest project, Espadon Residence in Kartal.
Murat Yılmaz pointed out that the Turkish people deserve to live in places as beautiful as Europe and the architects in this regard, çeken Therefore, we want to contribute to the development of the society by creating beautiful places. It is not enough to be a good architect alone. We need to be in touch with other sectors and act on a global scale. This also has a number of requirements, Bun he said.
2 has drawn the future in the project
Yılmaz stated that despite his many drawings, Altur Office Building on Basın Ekspres Road, Diamond Of İstanbul, Viaport Venezia, and Espadon Residence in Kartal have differentiated them from the others. Ur We have many projects, but these views have given us different angles. We hope that Venezia and Espadon will lead us to different leagues. Because the future architecture and lifestyle projects,. He said.
Inspired by the West
Referring to the rising architectural trends in the West, Yilmaz, the last two years, the trends seen in the world are intertwined with life styles, he said. Underlining that his projects and people's perspectives are in this direction, Yılmaz said, ins The architecture of the future is changing. We also carry our experience from one project to another. The most fundamental factor we have here is that people want to live. People prefer to live on pre-closed and secure sites, but now they prefer their side-by-side, open-to-life projects. They want to meet other people, be together and socialize like in a town. Insanlar
Denge Yapı announces its name in the construction sector with the Begonya, Sümbül and Mimoza Houses built in Samandıra and Kartal and starts its new project in Sancaktepe. Mahal Sancaktepe project on the sale of the 306 apartment, explaining that they have made the Chairman Abdullah Bayram, 15 bin 640 square land on the Mahal Sancaktepe project each consisting of a nine-story 6 block and 306 apartments, describing the information, gave the following information:
Or There are five different types of apartments in Mahal Sancaktepe, including one type 1 + 1, three types of 2 + 1 and one type of 3 + 1. 50 square meters, 1 + 1 circle of price 84 thousand 500 pounds, 74 square meters with 111 square meters between CHANGED 2 + 1 apartments with price 118.000 pounds and 125 square 3 + The price of 1 apartment starts at 207 thousand 750 pounds. "
At the Mahal Sancaktepe the 79 of the land was divided into open areas. 7 / 24 security service, indoor parking lots, outdoor car parks, children's playgrounds, outdoor swimming pools, walking and swimming paths, ornamental pools, camellias, basketball, volleyball and mini football common sports fields, orchards, indoor social facilities - The indoor sauna and fitness center with indoor pool.
10 percent discount
The average price of square meters in the project is determined as 1.750 lira, but the price of square meters of similar projects in the region of the 3 thousand 300 pounds around the Bayram, said, X So we started with the bottom prices for sale. In this way, housing buyers will begin to win more under construction. In addition, these prices are discounted to 10 for the launch period. Ayrıca
Giant Project Batışehir A Class Energy Certificate
Batışehir, which is one of the biggest mixed projects of Europe built by EgeYapı Group in Bağcılar, İstanbul, received en Class A Energy Certificate en for all its houses according to the criteria of the Building Energy Performance Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. According to the criteria of the Ministry, buildings that have been licensed after 1 January 2011 are considered to be the owners of Class C Energy Certificate. In this context, Batışehir will be less polluting by providing 40 energy savings compared to buildings with Class C Energy Certificate. In the project, climate will be organized with ponds and reflection pools, electricity will be supported by 'photovoltaic' panels in general areas and water will be saved with rainwater collecting system.
It prevents the voices from neighbors in Kartal
Çukurova AdanusPark, built by Çukurova Real Estate, is located on an 10 thousand square meter plot on Kartal-Tem connection motorway. In the project, which consists of 180 residences, 110 cm cavities were placed between all apartments and the sound from the neighbors was prevented, and the wall thickness was reached to 30 cm by using a special 38 cm Ytong wall for heat and sound insulation and by mantoloma.
TAGO Architecture, the Japanese architect Tatsuya Yamamoto and Gökhan Aktan Altuğ, bearing the signature of the project, Marmara Sea and Adalar views are offered. The project is located within walking distance to the Metro station 200 m, which will be opened in August.
İstanbloom is approaching the sky step by step
The construction of the 33rd floor was reached in Estan Yapı's project in Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul. In the project, which is 46 floors in total, 85 percent of the rough construction was completed with the social facility areas and parking lot. The project, which consists of smart apartments, has 11 different types of housing. The project, which is a candidate for the LEED certificate issued by the Council of Environment Friendly Buildings in the USA, promises a peaceful life to residents with indoor or outdoor green spaces designed for each floor.
5 bin 600 square green area surrounded by the green area surrounding the Istanbloom in the field of landscape design for use in the least degree of water, linden, redbud, and almond trees are preferred.
School and dormitory building in Istanbul
Makrom Construction is doing Anatolian Tourism Hotel Management Vocational High School with 12 classrooms and a student dormitory for 288 in Manisa Kula. Makrom Chairman of the Board Lütfü Bakırcı, on behalf of his daughter of 2, Tuana Nur Bakırcı, 842, has built 1 Classroom Anatolian Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School and 25.562,20 student capacity dormitory on the 12 square meter plot located on the parcel 288 Island 4.5 in the building of Manisa Kula. A protocol was signed with the ceremony held in Manisa Governorship building for the school and dormitory with the amount of XNUMX million pounds.
The ceremony was attended by Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Manisa MP Hüseyin Tanrıverdi and Mayor Selim Aşkın.

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