Urla TCDD Camp Reapproved Again

In the Aegean Region, TCDD 3. After the demolition decision on the facilities in Urla, which is one of the two big camps belonging to the Regional Directorate, a good news came. Urla Municipality, Council of State 14. It approved the operation of the facilities approved by the Department for demolition.
1 in Urla. The initiative for the camp was closed before the degree was in the archaeological site of the SIT. Upon the application of TCDD, the SIT degree was reduced to 2 and the collapse of the structures on it was prevented. The TCDD camp, which is located next to the police camp, could not survive due to the change in the SIT level. Urla Municipality sealed the plant on the post from the governor's office and closed it. The facilities that were closed to tourism were opened to earthquake victims who had a difficult time due to the earthquake in Van Erciş. The facility hosted 500 people who stayed here during the winter. In the meantime, the decision of the Administrative Court to destroy the Council of State 14. The apartment has been approved and the final decision for the demolition of facilities has been released.
The decision of the Council of State was moved by the TCDD to the Council of Ministers. The institution that objected to the demolition decision asked for both the determination of the SIT degree and the cancellation of the demolition decision. In the meantime, after the developments and the last period without any action came again summer. After returning to the homes of the earthquake victims, TCDD, Urla Municipality by applying 'We have objected to destruction. The facility should be opened until the final decision is reached Kesin. The municipal council accepted the application and approved the operation until the final decision came. The facility has recently been put into service and began accepting guests.
The camp, located in a total 37 land area, was rented by the State Railways to the 49 yearbook from the Ministry of Finance. The first period of the 12 years ago, the camp was financed again. There are 5 + 100 apartments, restaurants, swimming pools, playgrounds and prefabricated buildings close to 1.
TCDD 3 which states that the plant is operational. Regional Director Sebahattin Eris, said they met a serious need in the region. Stating that the demolition decision was taken for the facilities where the citizens could use a very low amount of entrance fee, he said, giriş The facility will continue its operation until the final decision is made. In the meantime, we will also apply for further reduction of the SIT rating of the site. That was first degree first. Then it was second degree. Maybe three. That'il relax us. There is no historical building on it. Re-excavation and degree determination will ask, yapıl he said.
Urla Mayor Selçuk Karaosmanoğlu also added that they have taken the decision in the council to continue the activities of the facility. Karaosmanoğlu said, süre The trial process is not fully completed. We still used our authority while continuing. Facility entered service, Tesis he said.

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