56 percent of the budget allocated for transportation projects was spent

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications spent 1975 billion lira until the end of March this year for 429 projects included in the investment program, the oldest of which was initiated in 84,7. 68,6 billion lira of the said expenditure was made for highway projects and 14,5 billion lira for railway projects.
The ministry needs to spend 65,6 billion pounds to complete the projects on road, railway, air, sea and communication.
A correspondent of Transportation, according to information compiled from the data of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of the March 2012 as road, air, rail, sea and de facto continuing number of projects in the communications sector 429, the number of sub-projects 3 thousand 740.
150 billion 326 million pounds of the 84 billion 723 million pounds budget allocated for the realization of these projects were used. The ministry needs 65 billion 603 million pounds to complete the projects.
-Most spending was in the highway industry -
It will be implemented in the road sector 274 2 thousand allocated for projects with sub-projects 70 101 107 million pounds billion budget, 68 607 billion million pounds were used. For the completion of the remaining projects will be spent 32,5 billion pounds.
Implementation of thousands 52 sub-projects with 171 projects in the railway sector in order to leave the 43 billion 948 million pounds budget has been spent 14 billion 534 million pounds, 29 billion 414 million for the implementation of projects pounds needed more to the budget.
- The least spending in the maritime industry -
46 used 143 million pounds for the 2 billion 690 million pounds budget allocated to the airline sector where the 878 sub-project of the project will be implemented. 1 billion 812 million pounds will be spent for the completion of the projects in question.
With the 40 investment project in the maritime sector, 106 million pounds of 928 million pounds allocated for the 193 sub-project were spent. In order to realize all of the projects in the sector, 735 million pounds are needed.
17 investment project and 250 sub-project will be implemented in the communications industry to be used in the 1 billion 584 million pounds of the budget was used 511 million pounds. 1 billion 70 million pounds will be spent for the completion of projects.

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