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The importance of transportation in the “Report of the Rail Transport Report tren announced by the Board of Directors of the TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers; The proposals for the policy are presented to the attention of the public.
As we know, the accelerated train that runs the Haydarpaşa UM Ankara expedition was derailed in 22 July 2004 in Sakarya, Pamukova district and the 41 people were killed and 81 was injured. Pamukova disaster, esi accelerated train faaliyet, despite the warnings of scientists, responsible trade unions and professional organizations, the infrastructure problem was ignored and started to operate with jet speed. Facia shows that the passion for speed and image in our country has become dazzling, causing scientific-technical evaluations and infrastructure problems to be ignored. After Pamukova disaster, daha accelerated train ikal and railway policies have become more common in public opinion.
After 1950 years, there has been an extraordinary decline in the rail freight and passenger transportation as a result of the implementation of a road-based transportation policy in our country and the railway construction has come to a halt. 1950 42 78 1,80 4,80 19 82,84 90 21 2,3 4,4 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Road transport increased from XNUMX to XNUMX and XNUMX on passenger during the same period. According to international statistics, Turkey, XNUMX in passenger transport by rail between European countries with XNUMX percent, ranks second to last with XNUMX percent in cargo transportation. The main reason for this situation is the transport policies that transport railway and maritime transports by transferring their resources to international oil and automotive monopolies via highways.
In recent days, the Turkish State Railways (Republic of Turkey State Railways), the privatization of the subject is on the agenda again and again, this process is nearing completion with hasty decisions. Until now, state-controlled and one-handed railway operation is aimed to be handed over to private companies and subcontractors by the adoption of the Decree Law No. 655, whose infrastructure works have been completed, and the liquidation of TCDD is aimed. Thus, railway service will be removed from public service and will become a more expensive abil commodity ve which only money can use, and public control will be eliminated.
This process is undoubtedly the last link in the process of deprivation of our right to transportation, which is a public right. After the highway and the airline, this process is expected to be completed with the commercialization of the railway and its opening to the market. It should be the main target of road transport, safe, comfortable, fast, environment friendly, no dependence on foreign sources, no energy wasting, modern and fast, infrastructure problems and problem solved rail, airway and maritime transportation to the level it deserves and public transportation should be the main target. .
Turkey's growing population occurring parallel to the transport demand can be met by the most economical way of public services in rail transport and improved public hands. The opinions and suggestions that we have explained in detail in the değerlendiril Report of the Railroad in Transportation ir and summarized below should be evaluated in this respect.
• A serious m Transport Master Plan, must be made, and the work done in the past should be evaluated for this purpose. This plan should have long, medium and short-term goals and strategies. Within the scope of this plan, havayolu Master Plans ayrı should be prepared separately for railway, sea, airway and highway.
• Loading, unloading and transfer terminals with sufficient physical capacity and facilities are required to integrate all modes of transport into a single transport chain.
• Turn to in speed rail yenileme projects on old lines, with the necessary infrastructure, maintenance and renovation works; “fast / accelerated train lı projects that are not based on new infrastructure and high standard new line construction should be stopped; opinions and warnings of professional chambers, trade unions, experts, scientists and universities should be taken into consideration.
• Energy efficiency studies in transportation should be carried out in a national policy, which, together with environmental impacts, should be considered as a whole and together with all relevant fields.
• In the transportation master plans, priority should be given to systems with lower energy consumption (rail and sea), the capacity of existing systems to be fully utilized and to improve their efficiency, and to reduce the oil dependency in the transport sector.
• Existing laws on transport, transportation and the automotive sector should be reviewed in line with these principles.
• According to the railway, all new investments on the highway, which consume more energy than 2 as well as 3 as well as the fast waterway, should be stopped. .
• Considering investment costs, energy consumption and emission values, railway lines should be prioritized in order to meet the increasing demands of the future, and investment moves should be initiated for their rapid reproduction, renewal and effective use.
• Disruption of TCDD should be done, political staff appointments and expert staff slaughter at all levels should be terminated.
• The Draft Laws on Rail and TCDD prepared in accordance with the demands of the World Bank and international capital should be withdrawn.
• A new restructuring program should be implemented instead of the bu TCDD restructuring program ve implemented by the imposition of international powers, and the employees should be encouraged to make a decision and decision.
• TCDD's personnel shortage should be eliminated within the professional and technical criteria, not political; I wages according to performance “,” total quality management a etc. Applications should be removed.
• In order to train qualified personnel, TCDD should cooperate with universities and professional chambers, develop in-service training and re-open vocational high schools which have been closed within TCDD.
• Railway lines should be reconstructed and repaired in a serious and complete manner; lines that affect transportation safety should be repaired as soon as possible, electrification and signaling requirements should be met.
• In order to reduce the security problems in transportation and narrow the demand for traffic, inter-city transportation and urban transportation should be integrated, urban transportation projects should be implemented in urban and intercity transportation, and trams and subways should be expanded in cities.
• Large projects that will affect the fate of the country and the cities should be discussed, the professional chambers, scientists and universities and the professional organizations acting on these issues should be consulted and participate in the decision making process. Judicial decisions on intentional and improper practices should be applied.

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