Two Different Companies Work on Light Rail System Plan

The Environmental Coordination Meeting was held and the cooperation between the institutions taking part in the regulation works on the ring road was discussed.
Malatya Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır and Malatyagaz, Aksa Elektrik, Türk Telekom, and Regional Directorate of Highways participated in the Peripheral Coordination Meeting, which was held in the office of the governor, under the chairmanship of Governor Ulvi Saran.
Uz We would like to provide technical cooperation between the units, uz said Governor Saran. We do these meetings at certain intervals Bel.
Mayor Ahmet Çakır stated that the highways, TEDAŞ, Telecom and natural gas and Telecom also have infrastructure services in the regions where they work, and erek We aim to make the citizens less affected by coordinating together for a healthier and more planned operation. The work at the west entrance is part of the 6 kilometer. The work started here. We want to carry out works by coordinating urgently, Koordin he said.
Cakir said that they made a study on public transportation at the Western entrance and said, ray The widths of the side roads related to the light rail system and the other public transportation system were planned. We are currently working on this plan. In a very short time we will share this work with the public. We are launching a new process for public transport. Now 2 is working on different companies. This coordination is not a problem, but rather important in terms of doing things healthier. Bu
Cakir, the Western entrance of the planting of 200 thousand trees and other planting planting will be done.
Later on, the meeting proceeded closed to press.

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