TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, hoping for the future

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TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim ERTİRYAKİ stated that the factory, which holds an important place in the national economy, will continue to live as a strong and strengthening company.
Neşat Sazoğlu, a columnist for Sakarya Halk Newspaper, spoke with TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki. Ertiryaki said that the factory had worked day and night with the team for their success, and that they had established a management tradition based on consultations, and that they had received positive results. Ertiryaki stating that he knows that the authority is a political authority and the view of politics, answered the questions of Sazoglu.
1. The Sakarya public actually knows you well. However, how do you introduce yourself as Ibrahim ERTIRYAKI who started our interviews?
First of all, I would like to commence my speech by congratulating the entire press community as one of those who believe in the necessity of making contributions to the citizens and reflecting the content of the developments to the citizens and ensuring the real information.
I was born in Adapazari. I am a Mechanical Engineer. I am married and have four children. Adapazarında and other cities, the public and private sector, universities and municipalities in the management of a business life in which I was usually a manager. This wide range of work, which I took part in during my work life, provided me with more technical and administrative accumulation than my educational life. The opportunity to meet many people from different cultures helped me to learn the socioeconomic structure of our country. After this brief meeting, I would like to introduce myself with a different way to eliminate the unnecessary occupations of our readers.
Because the citizens of me; I was born, the collection and the most part of my life is not because of the Adapazarı place, but I want to know and adopt with my thoughts and do what I want. I believe that this should be the true acquaintances. In this sense, I'm really lucky. The center of my life, which will enable me to grow in the axis of love of the country, the nation and humanity; I lived with relatives, neighbors and the environment. This love, which has become an ever-increasing ownership in my own way, has created a good education and training process as well as an adequate infrastructure for being successful, acquiring the environment, recognizing people and raising. I recommend this approach to life for all our people, especially for our young people.
2. You have been working as TÜVASAŞ General Manager since 2003. What are the changes and developments in TÜVASAŞ's vision and mission with you?
When we first started, we started working on two main branches. The first of these was to get rid of the existing static structure of TÜVASAŞ as soon as possible and to make production to the domestic and foreign markets outside TCDD, and the second one was to make our region the base of this sector by leading the Turkish Rail Vehicle sector with the accumulation gained over the years. For this reason, we started to work on the determination of the current situation. We have demonstrated our situation by evaluating both the university and the consultancy organizations and the resources within the institution. Then, considering the current market potential, we started to put in place arrangements that would increase productivity in order to increase our capacity. With the organizational changes, personnel rotations and investments made within this framework, we increased our production capacity to 50 by the end of 2004.
We have put in place a tradition of consultative management in our organization. With this. Winning winners mas perspective, we have realized our employees with the necessary arrangements and increases, by creating a union-business consensus and by developing employees with in-service trainings and ensuring social cohesion.
3. After many years, TÜVASAŞ has exported wagons abroad and you are saying that you will continue to do so. How did you manage it and what countries do you plan to do in 2008?
The most important reason for doubling our production capacity by increasing in-house production potential and efficiency is the efforts to mobilize the Railway Vehicle Markets outside of our main organization TCDD, which has gradually increased its potential in the country. In addition to being a public company, as well as being a Subsidiary, tada the operator and the managing friends will understand better adet, despite the two important cuts, we produced and delivered the Iraqi Railways 12 pieces wagon and brought the Bulgarian, Syrian and Iranian market to the stage of agreement.
4. You TÜVASAŞ Sakarya and in the future will it become a very important institution for Turkey, established or new high-speed train factory (EUROTEM) Is ​​it going to remain in the shadow of privatization or closure is eliminated by? So how do you see the future of TÜVASAŞ from the year of 2008?
We believe that TÜVASAŞ will continue to live as a strong and strengthening company and will serve our region and our country for long years.
Let's make an important determination as one who has contributed to make our province become a production base in this sector by establishing EUROTEM in Adapazarı. The field of activity of our company is different from EUROTEM. EUROTEM will produce electric rail trains, subway and light rail. TÜVASAŞ; manufacture of diesel trenset, railroad, passenger car and modernization and maintenance of all these manufactured vehicles. Our works on the production of Diesel Trenset continue intensively. Considering the overseas market, even our current production capacity for TÜVASAŞ will not be sufficient, so we are working hard to increase our capacity.
5. Since the history of the Republic, railways were neglected. However, 2003 has been investing heavily in railways. As TÜVASAŞ General Manager, how do you see these investments and how do you evaluate the contribution of these investments to your organization?
As I said when introducing one, this is a natural extension of the love of the country, the humanity and even the love of the environment and these policies have been prepared by taking the institutional support of ours.
As is known, transport activities are the blood vessels of economic systems. However, while nurturing the economic and social structure, it does not make sense on its own. For this reason, cost and time components are asked to take the least share in socioeconomic life. Otherwise, time and cost increases in goods, services and passenger transports may cause disruptions such as blockages and inability to compete. Today, rail transportation is much more economical than road and air transportation. It will also eliminate many risks such as environmental protection and traffic accidents. The railway will be a more economical way of transportation than the highway in terms of both initial investment cost and widespread durability. In the light of all this information, all the positive developments in railway transportation is a manifestation of the love of a homeland-nation, but the reflection of our institution will of course be very positive.
6. What is your point of view for Eurotem, the newly established high-speed train factory, do you plan to do joint work as TÜVASAŞ?
As we mentioned above, our activities are actually different with EUROTEM. However, there may be production partnerships within the capacity limits and depending on mutual agreements. As a matter of fact, TÜVASAŞ is involved in the construction of the 92 subway car which will run in Taksim-Yenikapı line for the Istanbul municipality where ROTEM is awarded and the electric suburban vehicles consisting of 96 vehicles for TCDD and the joint production agreement.
7. Do you believe that you have formed a good team with your appointments since you took office as TÜVASAŞ General Manager, and are your civil servant and employee personnel sufficient in terms of number and capacity and considering what you plan to do?
There are parameters that demonstrate the ultimate success of a business. The amount of production, contribution to National Income, performance and productivity are the most important of them. We also mentioned that we also care about mobilizing the foreign market potential. When all these values ​​are examined, despite the difficulties of being a public sector, TÜVASAŞ broke the record by reaching the highest values ​​of 50 in its history. Of course, this is formed by a team. We believe that we are successful and we look forward to the support of you and our public as we continue to do research and practice to be more successful.
8. If we say how a day of TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki goes
Can you evaluate your life together with your private life?
Life is the greatest and most beautiful blessing God has given us. People who can use national and spiritual values ​​and principles in the axis of humanity, can survive despite all the intensity and stress situations, and can take power from their essence to produce more value. I'm trying to live like that. The management of a large business, family relations and the continuation of my relationship with my social environment and neglect is only by sacrificing myself. But I don't want to mislead our readers when expressing a fact here. Yes, we do an intensive work, but the happiness of achieving our goals is a resistance and pleasantness beyond stress and stress I want to express that.
9. It is the public opinion that your authority is a political authority. In other words, when governments change, the general managers vary greatly. Do you follow the politics closely?
It is necessary to believe in democracy from the heart and soul. Governments that come from the Assembly determined by the people do their activities with the bureaucrats who manage the public institutions and organizations. This is a natural necessity of democratic life. Those who carry political responsibility can also work together in carrying out their actions; it is quite normal that the bureaucrats who have the same objectives and the intellectual acquis are in charge. The political will, which carries the ultimate responsibility of all institutions and organizations, is, of course, must have the corresponding authority.
10. In the new elections to be held in March of 2009 you will be the candidate for the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality is spoken. As far as I know in the past two years in a row, the bureaucrats of the year is considered, how do you evaluate this issue?
In the public opinion, there are many such rumors. However, for such situations, adına the task is given undesirably miş as a principle in my culture that I have adopted in my own name. I have tried to cultivate myself and my surroundings, as I am going to do all the tasks. But waiting for the mandate from the competent authorities and the environment offers me more elegant.

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