TÜVASAŞ Starts Exporting Wagon to Bulgaria

📩 24/11/2018 20:30

TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki said in a statement that 30 luxury sleepers will be delivered to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Ertiryaki stated that the wagons are planned to be transported by ferry between Haydarpaşa-Sirkeci, Derince-Tekirdağ ports due to high speed train works. Ertiryaki said the following.
“However, when the passage at the ports was delayed due to the renovations, we decided to make the shipment by road to Edirne Railway Station. Wagons will be transported by road to Edirne Railway Station, and will be transported from Edirne to Plovdiv, Bulgaria by rail transport.

Source: export.info.tr

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