Pakistan to Turkey Cargo Transportation Container Train Schedules

Yuk Turkey Pakistan Train Schedules
Yuk Turkey Pakistan Train Schedules

Pakistan to Turkey Cargo Transportation Container Train Timetable: Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad to move freight containers between trains, 15 mutually restarts from July. Last month in Ankara, under the chairmanship of TCDD, the İşbirliği ECO 11. The Meeting of the Presidents of Railway Organizations ”gave its fruits. 14 2009 The Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad train, which was launched in August 25 and was canceled in November 2011 due to delays in the travel times in Pakistan, is being re-launched.

Turkey, Iran and Pakistan in the trilateral meeting between the railway authorities; Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad trains were scheduled to be re-launched in July at 15. 6 thousand 543 kilometers will be operated in 15 a day on the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad route. Turkey, Iran and Pakistan routes in total 18 11 thousand kilometers of roads will train's travel time 6 in the first place, then there will be the 543 days.

Train load can be given at different points

Köseköy train with departures from Turkey Izmit, also will be available loads from different points. TCDD officials, due to the differences in the line of Pakistan freight transported to Pakistan wagons in Zahedan said that the companies to load the train for rail and customs operations in Iran and Pakistan should keep a representative said.

Officials in Turkey and the handling fee and additional charges of Iranian trails in Turkey, while the transport costs and additional expenses of Pakistan stated trails payable in Pakistan. The train is expected to contribute significantly to trade relations between the two countries.

The Istanbul-Teheran-Islamabad train, which made its first test in 2009, has carried out 14 commercial and 15 aid to date. 2011 was terminated because of delays in Pakistan.

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