Turkey's target in the new High Speed ​​Railway Transportation Freight Transportation Available

The company in charge of competition and affect the cost ratio 92 percent who prefer road transport, Turkey was lagging behind the developed countries for cheaper freight transport. According to some experts, the way out is to switch to a high-speed train system suitable for transporting loads.
While some sectors in Turkey and a unit price of goods transported by sea in general except for the special case 1, the number 4 iron path, the way of the land 7 tactics. In the country, maritime transport is 3 percent, rail is 5 percent and land transport is 92 percent.
According to these figures, Turkey, cheap freight cost in the US, EU, China, are well behind countries such as Russia and Japan. In road transport, Russia is the country that uses this road the least with 9 percent, while in EU countries this rate is 49 percent, 39 percent in the USA, 62 percent in Japan and 14 percent in China.
Prof. Logistics Association (LODER) President and Maltepe University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of International Trade and Logistics Management. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, AA correspondent, said that she stayed behind when compared with developed countries in Turkey's cheap freight, "When you compare these costs, we are paying more shipping cost. Since this is reflected in the price, competitiveness decreases. Except for geographical and some other compulsory conditions, we need to reach a level in other types of transportation, especially the railway. ”
Especially in the last two years in Turkey, explaining that the budget spent more than by road to rail Tanyaş, "however, it is not suitable for all commodities railways. It may not be possible to use the railroad for an automotive or food product. However in Turkey we can move through the iron has a very significant amount of product. If we achieve this, the costs of industrialists and traders will decrease considerably. ”
Tanyaş stated that the railroad is mainly used in Russia and the USA, and the seaway in China and continued as follows:
“When you go down to the Middle East and Africa, the event returns to the land route. In the West, road-rail balance has been achieved at a certain rate. We should also consider this. Our diesel, gasoline price is 4 times of these countries. We are still at the top of the countries that give oil the most money in the world. While this is the case, the error of investing in road transportation is evident from these rates. We need to switch to the high speed train system suitable for carrying loads. It is a high speed train system suitable for passenger transportation, that is 230-250 kilometers. When you reduce this to the 180s, when you make fast trains carrying both passengers and cargo, the costs will decrease and our competitiveness will increase. This is our basic policy. ”
According to the EU logistics statistics, some countries and continents, 3 freight rates are as follows in percentage:
Country Road Road Railway Road

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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