Concrete block of metrobus bridge in Avcılar collapsed

A new one was added to the fatal accidents on the Metrobus lines. The concrete blocks fell during the dismantling of the maneuver bridge which was discarded due to the renovation works at the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobüs line. 1 workers killed, 2 workers injured. Yakup Poplar remains under the blocks and died at the scene. Falling blocks disrupt the metrobus expedition citizens had to walk on the street between the Avcılar-Şükrübey stops.
Citizens who reacted to this situation from time to time discussed with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials. In the work on the removal of concrete blocks, no measures were taken in the environment. It was announced that the trial voyages of Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme will start tomorrow.
E-5 During the removal of Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line in Avcılar, which is being constructed on the highway, during the lifting of the connection road bridge, dismantled concrete blocks fell on the workers. Under the concrete blocks, Yakup Kavak died at the scene. Hasan Güney and Adam Yildirim were wounded. The wounded, after the first intervention of medical teams Bakirkoy. He was taken to Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital. Kavak removed from the bottom of concrete blocks with the help of crane's body was taken to the morgue after the examination.
Long vehicle queues occurred on the E-5 due to an accident. As the falling concrete blocks closed the metrobus line, the citizens had to walk on the E-5 between the Avcılar-Şükrübey stops. There have been occasional discussions between the passengers and the officials who react to this situation.
Merve Doğru, who had to walk from Avcilar to Şükrübey station, stated that he had taken the same ordeal every day. Right lar bridges change or stop every day due to metrobus stops to Beylikdüzü. Every morning we meet something different. Today we had to walk to the Sukrubey stop. The municipality could have put a shuttle bus. Patients in this heat and elderly people have difficulty walking, '' he said.
The removal of the concrete blocks of the bridge continued with the crane where the concrete blocks collapsed. It was observed that the workers in the study area did not take adequate precautions in the environment. Citizens, the accident area without any interference in and out easily. The workers involved in the dismantling of the bridge is not collapsing, the bridge fell, he said. Some of the employees who did not take lessons from the accident continued to work without wearing a hard hat.
Topbas came to the scene with metrobus
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, Avcılar found the collapsed metrobus bridge. Topbaş said, Top Let us all get past. I wish my condolences to the family of our deceased workers. V Topbaş, who advised the workers, left Avcılar with metrobus.

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