TGF Presidents Board, Mersin Port Powered by Rail

Turkey Journalists Federation (TGF) Chairman of Board members, toured the port of Mersin. Mersin International Port Management Inc. (MIP) Operations Group Manager Ahmet Vardar said they aim to increase their annual container capacity to 4,5 million TEU.
Journalists in the city visited the MIP as part of the TGF Presidential Board Meeting hosted by the Mersin Journalists Association (MGC). Accompanied by MGC President and TGF Vice President Ahmet Ünal, MIP Operations Group Manager Ahmet Vardar gave information about Mersin Port during the tour. 2,5 million TEU, container design capacity investments with 4,5 million TEU extraction and mega stating that aims to provide the port-art equipment to provide services to container ships Vardar, Mersin Port Ankara, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Izmir, Konya, like Turkey He said that he is connected to the industrialized cities of Turkey and neighboring countries such as Syria, Iraq and Iran by rail and road. Stating that they are one of the main container ports in the Mediterranean with their transfer and hinterland connections with the Middle East and the Black Sea, Vardar, with its modern infrastructure and equipment, efficient cargo handling, large storage areas, proximity to the Free Zone, easy transportation facilities and trained human resources. the fact that they cover a significant part of Turkey's export-import volume noted. Emphasizing that Mersin Port is on the way to become the leading port of the Eastern Mediterranean with its increasing transaction volume, container handling of over 1 million TEU annually and cargo handling of 8 million tons, Vardar stated that they will further increase their activities with their investments.
After the privatization of 2007, Ahmet Vardar explained that they are working to complete the infrastructure investments and rehabilitate the non-functional areas at the port area. Translating the storage area and the amount of 250 thousand square meters that reach Vardar, 300 annual investment plan in order to increase stock capacity to continue the new field studies reported. Providing information on the other investments made so far, Vardar added: “5 million dollars worth of 2010 RTG (Wheeled Crane) was added to the equipment investments to meet the increasing volume of transactions. In addition, the 12 8 units (15), which was purchased last year, is expected to increase the speed of operation and ship acceptance capacity with the post-panamax Type. The port capacity has reached to 2 million TEU with its 65 ton capacity, twinlift apparatus and 18 row access cranes with the world's largest ports. Dün
In the first quarter of this year, Vardar stated that 150 units of Gottwald mobile cranes were purchased with the capacity of 2 each, and added that 75 trucks and trailers were put into service for use in the port area. . In addition, 45 units of 10 units of electric RTG have been purchased with 6 tons capacity. In addition, there is a railway terminal consisting of an 5 km long 1 line extending up to the docks in the port area Ayrıca.
Vardar, who emphasized the increase of their power with the railway line, said that the necessary infrastructure for the operation of the RTG crane on the MIP Railway Terminal was completed and that the RTG allocated to the railway terminal started working on the 400 railway line in an area of ​​4 meters. Vardar, with the introduction of RTG at the same time on the 4 line can perform operations and thus increased the speed of operation, he added.

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