TCDD Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station BOT model tender firms show great interest

The Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate continues to sell the “Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project CD.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; 28: 2012: 10: 00: XNUMX: XNUMX: XNUMX
1. Cengiz Construction
2. Artifact
3. Fermak Construction
4. IC İçtaş Construction
5. Kalyon Construction
6. Kolin Construction
7. Limak Construction
8. Nurol Construction
9. Salini
10. Taşyapı Construction
11. Türkmall A.Ş.
12. Building Center
13. Yüksel Construction
Specifications, General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, Department of Real Estate and Construction, Room number 4118, (Talat Paşa Boulevard 06330 Station / Ankara Tel: 0312 309 05 15 Extension: 4292 Fax: 0312 324 13 30)
General Directorate of Central Financial Affairs can be obtained from the Central Cashier. Previous Developments: As it is known 17 May 2011 opened the envelopes of the offer BOT model tender Ministry of Transport passenger guarantee public burden
and the tender was canceled. Canceled tender 21 year 9 month with operating time
IC İçtaş Construction - Cengiz Construction had won the joint venture.
Limak Construction - GMR Infrastructure (India) joint venture participated in the tender, but the tender was not opened. Yüksel İnşaat firm also gave a letter of thanks.
Within the scope of the aforementioned tender, the Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Station will be built on an area of ​​one thousand square meters. 21 thousand a day, 50 million passengers per year on the ground floor of the station will have passenger lounges and kiosks. 15 star hotel will be doubled, and restaurants and cafes will be on the roof. Under the ground floor of the facility, platform and ticket sales office, and a downstairs 5 car park will be closed.
Following the displacement of the lines at the existing station, the new station will be built with the 12 meter-long 420 high-speed train, 6 conventional, 4′s suburban and freight train lines where the 2 high-speed train set can dock at the same time. According to the project, the light rail public transport system is the marching band from the Maltepe station of Ankaray to the new station building.
tunnel to be located.

Source : Investments

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