Tcdd 6. Regional Directorate Will Make Chemical Weed Challenge on Railway Line

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 6. Within the scope of 2012 program, 2. stage will make chemical weed control.
According to the written statement made by the 6th Regional Directorate of TCDD, the chemical weed struggle to clean the railway line between the station and the stations from weeds will start on 9 July 2012 and will take 15 days.
In the statement, “Due to meteorological conditions, there may be a change in spraying dates. Since the drugs to be used are poisonous, our citizens should not approach the railroad and do not harvest grass for 10 days after the application, and the animals should not be brought closer to the regions in question. ”
The statement, spraying dates and places are as follows:
“13 July 2012 Fevzipaşa-Köprüağzı-Kahramanmaraş-Narlı. 14 July 2012 Narlı-Gaziantep-Karkamış. 15 July 2012 Karkamış-Çobanbey-Karkamış. 16 July 2012 Karkamış-Ceylanpınar. 18 July 2012 Şenyurt-Gaziantep-Fevzipaşa-Adana.

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