REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REALIZATION 2006 22 Research Area 1: Rail Transportation (Continued)

1. Project Description:
Design and Prototype Production of Wagon Suitable for Narrow and Wide Line.
2. The goal of the project:
Both narrow and wide line bogie freight wagon types cannot be constructed in our country and the project cannot be provided. Foreign companies with such projects do not want to export their own application information. On the other hand, there is demand from our country in this field in the international market and these demands cannot be met because there is no production.
3. Selection Reason:
All kinds of wagons that cannot be made in our country will be manufactured and thus our export opportunities will be increased.
4. Project Steps:
? Design of bogie and wagon chassis in computer environment, realization of stress and dynamic analysis in virtual environment.
5. Budget Items:
? Powerful computer hardware for analysis and modeling in a virtual environment? Tests and practical studies.
6. Format of Results:
As a result of the application, serial production will be started in TÜDEMSAS and export will be provided to the demanding countries.

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