REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REPRESENTATION 2006 21 Research Area 1: Rail Handling (Continued) Project No: 10

1. Project Description:
Development and Implementation of the AC Drive System.
2. The goal of the project:
High performance with high performance and high operational safety and high operating rate suitable for passenger and load shooting. Low maintenance and maintenance of AC drive system (at 1.200.000 km at 400.000 km).
3. Selection Reason:
Developments in power electronics have led to significant changes in electrical power control systems. 3 phase AC inverters are very simplified and AC short-circuit asynchronous AC system has come to the fore. High and reliable
Technology Traction and braking characteristics suitable for operating conditions are important due to low costs in the operating system. kazanis corn.
4. Project Steps:
? Determination of the characteristics of existing DC drive systems, demonstration of conversion to AC drive systems and comparison of costs.
5. Budget Items:
? Supply of test assemblies of AC drive systems,? Procurement of services,? Helpful staff.
6. Format of Results:
High and reliable technology in locomotives in the operation of TCDD. security will be increased and operating costs will be reduced.

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