REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REPRESENTATION 2006 19 Research Area 1: Rail Handling (Continued) Project No: 8

1. Project Description:
Determination of optimum rail length in long welded rail assemblies and development of joint filler properties.
2. The goal of the project:
Reducing sound and vibration, providing passenger comfort, extending the life of the rail material, reducing maintenance costs.
3. Selection Reason:
Long welded rail systems are widely used today to increase comfort. However, it is the determination of the optimum welded rail length which is critical in this application and the detection and development of grouting material properties.
4. Project Steps:
? Determination of the noise and vibration in the current system, determination of the welded rail length depending on the temperature change differences, examination of the joint filling materials and determination of their properties.
5. Budget Items:
? Purchasing of tensile and elongation measuring devices,? Determination of chemical properties of grouting material
? Grouting material Supply of chemicals.
6. Format of Results:
Determining the optimum welded rail length and determining the properties of the joint filler material; passenger comfort at international standards will be provided and maintenance costs will be reduced.

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