REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REPRESENTATION 2006 16 Research Area 1: Rail Handling (Continued) Project No: 5

1. Project Description:
Determination of Railway Substructure and Superstructure by Nondestructive Method and Development of Existing Maintenance Techniques.
2. The goal of the project:
Determining the mechanical properties of the existing railway infrastructure and superstructure by means of non-destructive methods, revealing the maintenance criteria and determining the priority lines for maintenance.
3. Selection Reason:
In the present application, the sections to be maintained are determined by examination with eye and measurement tools. This insufficient determination is inadequate in determining the segments to be serviced and priorities. Because the measurements made upper and lower
it does not give any idea about the transportation power of the structure. With the non-destructive test method, the information on the bearing strength will be collected in a more healthy way and it will be possible to carry out maintenance works with the engineering approach.
4. Project Steps:
? Examination of the existing maintenance system,? Examination of non-destructive testing methods and selection of the appropriate one,
? Writing the recalculation program,? Classification of superstructures according to transport capacity,? Determination of threshold values ​​for maintenance,? Development of maintenance priority algorithm.
5. Budget items:
? Procurement of non-destructive testing apparatus, Procurement of services for writing recalculation program.
6. Format of Results:
Thanks to this project; TCDD will make more effective maintenance planning and waste of resources will be prevented.

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