REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REPRESENTATION 2006 15 Research Area 1: Rail Handling (Continued) Project No: 4

1. Project Description:
Design and Development of Sound and Vibration Reducing Materials.
2. The goal of the project:
Development of insulation and improvement models for rail and vibration sources both in the environment and in the wagon for less vibration and sound.
3. Selection Reason:
Reduction of environmental and sound pollution from diesel engines, compressors, cooling fans, shock absorber systems, wheel rails and similar elements in accordance with European Union integration and regulations of the Ministry of Environment.
4. Project Steps:
? Determination of the noise in the wagon and the environment in existing designs, determination of the vibrations in the bogie and the wagon body, improvement of the design by isolation of noise and vibration in the virtual environment
Confirmation of the improvement by making measurements on the prototype
5. Budget Items:
? Powerful computer hardware for analysis and modeling in a virtual environment? Tests and practical studies
6. Format of Results:
Vibration and sound isolation model developed in the prototype to be implemented in the lines and trains in the operation of TCDD.

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