REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF REPRESENTATION 2006 17 Research Area 1: Rail Handling (Continued) Project No: 6

1. Project Description:
Developing the Method for Extending the Lifespan of Rails in Narrow Semi-Diagonal Curves.
2. The goal of the project:
In narrow radius curves, the heavy rail cars need to be renewed in a shorter time compared to the rails in other sections due to their own weight and excessive friction effect; to ensure the saving of material and labor by taking measures to prevent wear on internal rails.
3. Selection Reason:
In normal, straight-cut rail life, 20-25 is the year, whereas in narrow-bevel cuts 2-3 requires replacement of inner rails and consequently delays in traffic and high material and labor costs.
In order to extend the life of the rail, it is possible to harden the mushrooms or to use fully hardened rails.
4. Project Steps:
? Determination of the frequency of change of rails in narrow curved sections, from maintenance statistics,
? Performing laboratory representative experiments in low curved sections of fungi hardened rails with varying proportions,
? Using the fully hardened rail, the test of the narrow curved section in the laboratory, comparison of the results,
Selection of suitable material.
5. Budget Items:
? Experimental setups, Retrofitting services, Auxiliary personnel.
6. Format of Results:
Taking advantage of the experimental results obtained from the narrow curved sections; Depending on the radius of the curves, it will be determined which ratio of the hardened rail will be used.

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