Statue-city square to the trolley dolinalçun reaction does not end

Statue-City Square will be built as a tram due to the shuttle bus service will be converted into taxis. Dolmuşçular, the Metropolitan Municipality of 50 year-old dolmuşlara touched not to touch.
In order to reduce the traffic density in the city center of the metropolitan municipality, the first spark of the conversion of the minibuses to the taxi was burned with the tender of the tram which will work between the Statue and the City Square. After the decision was announced, almost everyone, especially dolmuşçular, had reacted to the decision. The protests against the project increased day by day, but the lack of correspondence infuriated the shopkeepers.
Underlining the transformation will be extremely painful dolmuşçu Ibrahim Bozdag, the new application of the citizen will be affected themselves, he argued. Underlining the lack of traffic to the city center dolmuşçularının Bozdag, ın This application is primarily to be played with the bread. But nothing will happen to us. We're drivers. We earn our bread in the taxi. If he isn't, we'il do the job. But what will happen to the citizen Ama.
On the other hand, citizens in the city center to reduce the intensity of traffic to support the work, the transfer of minibuses to the taxi was opposed. Stating that the opportunity to go to the City Square 1.75 TL Statue'dan citizens claiming that the citizens, 'who will afford to take a taxi' he put forth the reaction. Bursalılar dominated by the idea that people are forcibly directed to the public transportation vehicles of the municipality, merged with the opinion that the freedom to travel by the vehicle is removed.

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