Ankara Express from Sirkeci

Is it ridiculous to remove Ankara Express from SİRKECİ?
So why do most of the buses depart from Istanbul to Anatolian cities leave from Bayrampasa Bus Station on the European side? That's why they have to cross the bridge. However, if the Harem bus station was extended towards Haydarpaşa, there would not be so many buses on the bridge. Let us Çerkezköy and surrounding industrial facilities. Most of the goods produced in these factories go to Anatolia. The goods cannot reach the outlets until they are loaded into trucks and crossed over the bridge. Why were these factories not established in Afyon, Uşak or Kütahya? Carrying the imported raw material is economical from carrying the finished goods. Moreover, raw materials can be transported by sea. The truck would be loaded from the nearest Anatolian port to the factory.
In 1958, a group of Dutch economics and statistics teachers came to METU Administrative Sciences Faculty. We had an economic teacher named Bauma. The subject of his term paper he gave me was the comparison of it Private Benefit-Private Cost it and tesis Social Benefit-Social Cost inin in the selection of industrial facilities. So there's nothing new under the sun. In the selection of places, highlighting the profitability of the firm is the firma Organized firma works, known as overthrowing the burden. The main objective of economic policy is to maximize “National Income İktis. National income is not the sum of individual incomes. Since the aim is to maximize the social benefit, in other words, to maximize the social utility, the feasibility calculations should be examined in terms of social benefit and cost of someone other than the entrepreneur.
Cities cannot be planned alone. A giant city like Istanbul can be planned by taking into account the impacts on the Gulf of Izmit, Kocaeli and Tekirdag. Investments to be made in the neighboring provinces of the Izmit Gulf also affect Istanbul. All interactions are collected in a ”transport-settlement“ equation. Urban planning is already a large-scale traffic planning.
If the alın first ona decision for a large investment is wrong, every new decision to be taken depends on it. Because instead of correcting the wrong decisions, managers want to take new wrong decisions and verify the first mistake. A moment comes when so many wrong decisions have been taken in order that observers begin to say that er the first decision was correct, but the others were wrong. Bir
Faraza, a non-congregation around the top of Camlica is a great mosque, let's say. The mosque should not be secluded. Those who want to worship in the mosque will go there with their private vehicles or by bus. Of course, vehicles will create traffic friction around the mosque. To eliminate her there will be a parking garage built-in. Maybe the metro and the cable car will be enough. At the end of the day, ına transport does not fill the mosque with the community, ”he said, Çamlıca area will open to multi-storey apartment construction. There will be so many people in the neighborhood that the mosque will remain small. Then those who made the first wrong decision lah also said that the mosque is big, you see you need not, we will build the second I hope arı will start to say.
Last Word: In the small account, there is no account.

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